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    jingtum-js sdk

    jingtum-js-sdk is a client side NODE Javascript library for communicating with Jingtum API. It exports all functions of Jingtum API and others utilities.

    It provides:

    • a networking layer API for Jingtum testnet/network and
    • facilities for building and signing varies operations, for communicating with Jingtum servers, and for submitting operations or querying transaction history.

    Quick start

    Using npm to include jingtum-js-sdk in your own project:

    To use as a module in a Node.js project

    1.Install the jingtum-sd through npm:

    npm install jingtum-sdk --save

    Note: Users in China may experience some slow connections using https to connect to the nodejs server. You can turn the https off to reduce the installation time by using the following commands:

    npm config set strict-ssl false

    and setup the URL to get the packages:

    npm config set registry ""

    This should reduce the installation time in Aliyun.

    2.require/import it in the JavaScript client program:

    var JingtumSDK = require('jingtum-sdk');
    var fingate = JingtumSDK.FinGate;
    var wallet = fingate.createWallet();


    To use as a module in a Node.js project

    Install it using npm:

    npm install jingtum-sdk --save

    require/import it in your JavaScript:

    var JingtumSDK = require('jingtum-sdk');


    FinGate is a singleton object in Jingtum SDK. You can get the sdk instance by

    var fingate = JingtumSDK.FinGate;

    Before you can use it, you should config it, includes:

    Setup FinGate Account

    FinGate account is a type of Jingtum account used for business customers. It can be used to activate newly created wallets, issue custom Tum and manage Jingtum accounts for FinGate's users. It should be activated and have enough SWT for other newly created wallets. User can obtain the FinGate address by contacting Jingtum company or through jingtum developer site(

    fingate.setAccount(secret, address);

    Connect to Jingtum Message Publisher

    FinGate can subscribe its users to a Jingtum websocket server and receive the transaction messages for the users. It should be connected to Jingtum messgae published by weboskcet, and setup transaction messaage handler.

    var JingtumSDK = require('jingtum-sdk');
    var ws = JingtumSDK.WebSocketServer; 
    ws.connect(function(err, msg) {
        // TODO handle message

    Issue FinGate owner custom tum, or currency

    If FinGate needs to issue currency, it should register one account in Jingtum Fingate to get its token and secret. And then setup these configuration in its FinGate.

    fingate.setConfig(token, secret);


    For more information on how to use jingtum-js-sdk, please go to the Jingtum Developer site. There is also API documentation reference.


    Please refer file


    npm i jingtum-sdk

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