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Jibe: be in accord; agree.

A modern, lightweight, collaborative editing environment.

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Database setup

Jibe requires RethinkDB for data persistance.

If you do not have a RethinkDB server available, you can easily install it locally or use the Docker image:

docker pull rethinkdb
docker run -d -p 8080:8080 -p 28015:28015 -p 29015:29015 rethinkdb

Now, browse to RethinkDB's Tables tab and create a new database called 'jibe'.

Integrating with your application via npm

  • npm install --save VisionistInc/jibe

  • Require jibe within your express app.

      var app = require('express')(),
          server = require('http').createServer(app),
          io = require('socket.io').listen(server),
          jibe = require('jibe')();
      // initialize jibe
      app.use('/path/to/jibe', jibe.router(io));
      server.listen (3000, function () {
          console.info ('Server listening at port 3000');
  • Visit http://localhost:3000/path/to/jibe!



When jibe is require-ed, it is possible to pass in configuration options for connecting to RethinkDB. For example, the snippet below will tell jibe to use the given configuration.

jibe = require('jibe')({
  config: {
    "rethinkdb": {
      "host": "",
      "port": 28015,
      "db": "jibe"

If no options are provided, jibe will use one of the configurations in lib/config/env based on the process.env.NODE_ENV environment variable.


Currently, the client-side constructor offers a few configuration options. Defaults are provided for each option, so none are required.

$('#jibe-container').jibe ({
  defaultText: "# Welcome to {{room}}\n\n\n",
  placeholder: "This is a configurable placeholder, type your text here...",
  template: "templates/editor.html"
  • The defaultText option sets the initial text for a document that does not exist at the time it is requested by the client. The name of the current room will replace all instances of the pattern {{room}}.
  • Overriding the placeholder option sets the text that is displayed when the document contains no text (just like the HTML input element's placeholder attribute).
  • The template option allows developers to use a different layout, rather than the default one that is provided in this repository. There are some hardcoded ids that event handlers rely on, so it is easiest to start from the provided template and rearrange things from there.

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