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    The problem

    You want to write tests for some of your prosemirror editor but you don't know where to start. You know you should avoid testing implementation details and just want to be sure that your commands and plugins produce the correct underlying prosemirror state.

    This solution

    jest-prosemirror takes inspiration from the testing-library mantra and enables you to write more intuitive tests for your prosemirror editor.


    yarn add jest-prosemirror # yarn
    pnpm add jest-prosemirror # pnpm
    npm install jest-prosemirror # npm

    Getting started

    Quick setup

    For a quick setup add the following to your jest.config.js file.

    module.exports = {
      setupFilesAfterEnv: ['jest-prosemirror/environment'],
      testEnvironment: 'jsdom', // Required for dom manipulation

    This will automatically:

    • Add the jest assertions toTransformNode and toEqualProsemirrorNode.

    If you are using typescript then add this to your tsconfig.json file for global type support.

      "compilerOptions": {
        "types": ["jest-prosemirror"]

    Manual setup

    Create a jest.framework.dom.ts file and add the following

    // jest.framework.dom.ts
    import { prosemirrorMatchers } from 'jest-prosemirror';
    // Add jest-prosemirror assertions

    In your jest.config.js file add this to the configuration

    module.exports = {
      setupFilesAfterEnv: ['<rootDir>/jest.framework.dom.ts'],
      testEnvironment: 'jsdom', // Required for dom manipulation

    Snapshot serializer

    This package exports a serializer for better snapshot testing of prosemirror primitives. To set this up add the following to your jest.config.js file.

    module.exports = {
      snapshotSerializers: ['jest-prosemirror/serializer'],

    Alternatively, you can add the following to your jest.framework.dom.ts file.

    // jest.framework.dom.ts
    import { prosemirrorSerializer } from 'jest-prosemirror';
    // Add the serializer for use throughout all the configured test files.

    Jest Matchers


    A utility from jest-prosemirror which tests that a command transforms the prosemirror node in the desired way.

    import { doc, p, schema, strong } from 'jest-prosemirror';
    import { removeMark } from 'remirror/core/utils';
    test('remove the mark', () => {
      const type = schema.marks.bold;
      const from = doc(p(strong('<start>bold<end>')));
      const to = doc(p('bold'));
      expect(removeMark({ type })).toTransformNode({ from, to });

    This tests that mark has been removed by the provided command.

    The to property is optional and can be left blank to test that the node is identical after the transform.


    Tests that two prosemirror documents are equal. Pass in the expected document and it checks that they are the same.

    import { createEditor, doc, p } from 'jest-prosemirror';
    import { removeNodeAtPosition } from 'remirror/core/utils';
    test('remove block top level node at specified position', () => {
      const {
        state: { tr },
      } = createEditor(doc(p('x'), p('one')));
      const newTr = removeNodeAtPosition({ pos: 3, tr });


    Create a test prosemirror editor.

    The call to create editor can be chained with various commands to enable testing of the editor at each step without the need for intermediate holding variables.

    import { createEditor, doc, p } from 'jest-remirror';
    import { suggest } from 'prosemirror-suggest';
    test('`keyBindings`', () => {
      const keyBindings = {
        Enter: jest.fn((params: SuggestKeyBindingParameter) => {
      const plugin = suggest({
        char: '@',
        name: 'at',
        matchOffset: 0,
          ({ view }) =>
          () =>
      createEditor(doc(p('<cursor>')), { plugins: [plugin] })
        .callback((content) => {


    taggedDoc - TaggedProsemirrorNode

    The tagged prosemirror node to inject into the editor.

    options - CreateEditorOptions

    The following options which include all DirectEditorProps except for state.

    Property Type Default Description
    autoClean boolean true Whether to auto remove the editor from the dom after each test. It is advisable to leave this unchanged.
    plugins Plugin[] [] The plugins that the test editor should use.
    rules InputRule[] [] The input rules that the test editor should use.


    start - number

    The start of the current selection.

    end - number | undefined

    The end of the current selection.

    selection - Selection

    The current prosemirror selection

    schema - EditorSchema

    The prosemirror schema.

    state - EditorState

    The prosemirror state.

    view - EditorView

    The prosemirror view.

    overwrite - (doc: TaggedProsemirrorNode) => ReturnType<typeof createEditor>

    Overwrite all the current content within the editor.

    doc - the new content to use.

    command - (command: CommandFunction) => ReturnType<typeof createEditor>

    Run the command within the prosemirror editor.

    test('commands are run', () => {
        .command((state, dispatch) => {
          if (dispatch) {
        .callback((content) => {

    command - the command function to run.

    insertText - (text: string) => ReturnType<typeof createEditor>

    Insert text into the editor at the current position.

    text - the text to insert

    jumpTo - (start: 'start' | 'end' | number, end?: number) => ReturnType<typeof createEditor>

    Jump to the specified position in the editor.

    start - a number position or the shorthand 'start' | 'end'. [end] - the option end position of the new selection.

    shortcut - (mod: string) => ReturnType<typeof createEditor>

    Type a keyboard shortcut - e.g. Mod-Enter.

    NOTE This only simulates the events. For example an Mod-Enter would run all enter key handlers but not actually create a new line. I'd welcome a pull request to fix this shortcoming.

    mod - the keyboard shortcut to type

    press - (char: string) => ReturnType<typeof createEditor>

    Simulate a keypress which is run through the editor's key handlers.

    NOTE This only simulates the events. For example an Enter would run all enter key handlers but not actually create a new line. I'd welcome a pull request to fix this shortcoming.

    char - the character to type

    fire - (params: Omit<FireEventAtPositionParameter<Schema>, 'view'>) => ReturnType<typeof createEditor>

    Fire an event in the editor. This api is not the most well tested and can be quite flakey.

    params - the fire event parameters

    callback - (fn: (content: ReturnValueCallbackParameter<Schema>) => void) => ReturnType<typeof createEditor>

    Callback function which receives the start, end, state, view, schema and selection properties and allows for easier testing of the current state of the editor.


    This package borrows very heavily from prosemirror-test-builder


    npm i jest-prosemirror

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