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    🃏 A Jest config extension to aid in testing with Docusaurus.

    Essentially all it does is tap into your Docusaurus setup and retrieve all the aliases used for Webpack, which it then converts to Jest module mappings so they can be injected into your config. It also ensures transforming can occur with Docusaurus dependencies.

    ⚠️ This is a work in progress! If you have time and would like to improve this package please go ahead and open a PR.


    Here's how to use this addon:

    • Set up Jest in your project. You'll need a jest.config.js file that exports a config as an async function.
    • Install the dependency with yarn add --dev jest-config-docusaurus or npm i --save-dev jest-config-docusaurus
    • Import the applyConfig helper, call it with your existing config, and return the result as your final config. For example:
    import { applyConfig } from "jest-config-docusaurus";
    export default async () =>
      await applyConfig({
        // Project-specific config that will be applied as well
        testEnvironment: "jsdom",
        setupFilesAfterEnv: ["<rootDir>/jest.setup.js"],
        moduleNameMapper: {
          "^.+\\.(jpg|jpeg|png|svg)$": "<rootDir>/fileMock.js",
          "^.+\\.(css|scss)$": "identity-obj-proxy",

    You can also import and call makeConfig directly if you just want to retrieve the config without layering in your own.

    Using with TypeScript

    If your test setup involves TypeScript you'll probably need to tell TypeScript how to locate the mapped modules as well. This can't be done dynamically, but here's an example tsconfig.json to get you most of the way there:

      "extends": "@tsconfig/docusaurus/tsconfig.json",
      "compilerOptions": {
        "baseUrl": ".",
        "paths": {
          // Import notes about paths for theme-related paths:
          // - @theme paths should point to the topmost component, including swizzled versions
          // - @theme-original paths should point to the topmost component, exluding swizzled versions
          // - @theme-init paths should point to the bottommost component typically the theme or plugin that first provided it
          // This means certain instances of these paths may need to supercede /* wildcards.
          "@theme-original/*": [
          "@theme-init/*": ["./node_modules/@docusaurus/theme-classic/lib/theme/*"],
          "@theme/*": ["./node_modules/@docusaurus/theme-classic/lib/theme/*"],
          "@docusaurus/*": ["./node_modules/@docusaurus/core/src/client/exports/*"],
          "@site/*": ["./*"],
          "@generated/*": ["./.docusaurus/*"]




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