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    Jeibo workflow

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    Fast, and lightweight TypeScript 2.0 boilerplate that export a single file. Tests in Mocha, Chai & Sinon. TSLint for better code quality.


    • Statically typed build system for working with Typescript 2.0 Pre
    • Intelligent code editing with VSCode
    • Allow dead code elimination
    • Easy debugging
    • Rollup for bundling
    • Bublé as the ES2015 compiler
    • Sinon for test doubles
    • Mocha & Chai de facto standard


    • build - transpile TypeScript down to ES5 and builds a bundle both for development and production
    • build:dev - transpile TypeScript down to ES5 and builds a bundle for development
    • build:prod - transpile TypeScript down to ES5 and builds a bundle for production
    • coverage - shows the coverage report
    • cleanup - remove the dist, coverage and build folders
    • test - run all unit tests
    • lint - validates all source and test files
    • release - push to Github and release a new version to NPM
    • watch:tests - run all unit tests and watch files for changes
    • watch:build - watch your TypeScript files and trigger recompilation on changes
    • update:dependencies - update npm packages

    Shell scripting

    All commands can be run with sh. The script files are located inside the ./scripts folder, and shared between the CI and the NPM script commands.

    Continuous integration (CI)

    Both Travis and Circle are supported.

    Coverage reports

    The coverage reports are generated with Istanbul, and delivered to

    Istanbul generate a 100% correct coverage report. See the source and test files and do a comparison.


    npm i jeibo_workflow

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