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JEFRi - JSON Entity Framework Runtime

JEFRi is an entity framework, a complete data abstraction specification for an organization's development efforts. Active Record patterns leave too much of the data model in the database. REST services are inflexible. Rails scoffolds entirely too much code, leaving developers to rewrite generated code, rather than extend framework code. JEFRi frees developers from worrying about data handling, providing a consistent data model for any application in a business. With JEFRi, some JEFRi aware components, and a JEFRi aware templating engine, developers can finally have a workflow with no boilerplate- every line of code will realize actual business value.

This package is the JEFRi Runtime environment for javascript. Include it as a depdendency in either a browser or NodeJS project.

Developer's Guide

Context Modeler Coming soon!


  • 1.2.1 2014-03-07 Rerelease with new underlying jiffies utils.