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jeez helps you generating JSON documents from the command line.

jeez is the perfect companion for unix2ws: generate easily (basic) JSON documents and pipe them to another process... Unix in all its glory.


  npm install -g jeez


# prints {"name":"McIlroy"}
jeez --name McIlroy

# prints {"name":"McIlroy","firstname":"Douglas"}
jeez --name McIlroy --firstname Douglas

# Support for arrays, Douglast McIlroy has actually two firstnames
# {"name":"McIlroy","firstname":["Douglas","Malcolm"]}
jeez --name McIlroy --firstname Douglas --firstname Malcolm

# Support for numbers
# {"born":1932,"pi":3.14}
jeez --born 1932 --pi 3.14

# ... and booleans
# {"happy":true}
jeez --happy


You can only generate flat documents, nested documents are not supported (yet)


Well, I was using unix2ws a lot today... Echo'ing JSON strings quickly started to be annoying, so I thought of a tool like this...

4 lines of code later only, thanks to minimist and @substack, I had the tool I needed