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'-._"7'  JediFocus
 |  /T   Do. Or do not.
_)_/LI   There is no try.

JediFocus: Your focus determines your reality.


I’m obsessed with GTD (getting things done), productivity methodologies, and the like.

I’ve tried almost all productivity tools and techniques that have been around so far, only to see that they all were mere illusions. — They are virtual realities to make you feel productive.

Having realized that, I dediced to create an approach that works for me and hopefully for people like me too.

JediFocus gives you an opinionated solution focus on your goals.

You need willpower, attention, and focus; and nothing else.

Have them: You’ll thrive no matter what.

Lose them: Nothing could save you.

Keeping these in mind, JediFocus is constantly being revised to provide…

  • Just enough options to get things done: Don’t drain your willpower in analysis-paralysis-landia.
  • A simplistic (but not simpler) user experience, so that you don’t lose your attention.
  • A clean user interface to help you focus on what you need only.

Interested? Follow the white rabbit.

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In Progress

I’m working on an online version.

Until the web app is ready, the only way to use JediFocus is to build it from the source and run it locally.

Help Me, Obi-Wan Kenobi…

For questions, coments and suggestions file an issue, or send me an email at

Wanna Help?

Any help and feedback are more than appreciated.

Are you a developer? — pull requests are welcomeYou might want to read the development instructions first.

If you want to contribute to the source code, fork this repository and create a pull request.

In lieu of a formal style guide, take care to maintain the existing coding style.

If you want to report a bug; or share a comment or suggestion, just file an issue.

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This repository is a part of the Byte-Sized JavaScript VideoCasts.

It is a compilation of short (around ten minutes) screencasts about JavaScript and related technologies.

Learn, explore, and have fun!

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