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A wrapped for your commands, to save you from the boring long waiting times

How To Use

Install the module globally

npm install -g jazzup

You will need to have ffmpeg and the necessary encoding libraries installed, as well as in your PATH. If you're on OSX, this can be handled easily using Homebrew (brew install ffmpeg). On Windows use

Now all you have to do is add in front of your command "jazzup" and your boring command will now be all jazzed up with visual and audio embelishments.

jazzup npm install

There will be music, thrilling and exciting. And ASCII characters looking at you. Here's an example of how your console output might look like

$ jazzup npm install
*********** THE WILD WILD OPS **************
          _\~-~/_    ______.
         //\__/\ \ ~(_]---'
        / )O  O( .\/_)
        \ \    / \_/
        )/_|  |_\
       // /(\/)\ \
       /_/      \_\
      (_||      ||_)
        \| |__| |/
         | |  | |
         | |  | |
         |_|  |_|
         /_\  /_\
You see, in this world there's two kinds of people, my friend: Those with loaded guns and those who dig.
You dig.
The wild op begins...
When you have to shoot, shoot. Don't talk.

Effects JSON Structure

You can add predefined effects (music and story) to any command you'd like. Feel like Spiderman theme would match your "rm -rf"? Go for it and update the EffectsJSON in your fork.

The key is a RegExp that is supposed to match a command as in "^git push" Will be case insensitive, just like my heart.


The ASCII art can be added to the art/ folder as a .txt file and referenced in the EffectsMap


Feel free to improve or add to the Effects JSON Make a pull request and I'll gladly merge and republish

Email me: m at marius dot in