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A virtual file system in NodeJS.


jayVFS is a simple, in-memory, file system, fully equipped to handle basic file and directory manipulations. This is a great FS for storing temporary files in a structured way, that can quickly be handled and altered.

The project has several commands that interact with the FS from the outside (i.e. the commands), or one can access the whole jvfs structure and use it's interface to extend or just use the FS.

Run & Demo

The project comes with a demo that shows you the different commands that are built-in. Simply type in your terminal:

node demo.js

Then you can issue any one of the familiar commands for interacting with any FS (they are listed in the Commands section).

If you want to use the FS without the commands, then just provide it with a .conf file and import your jvfs object to your project. Voila!

const jvfs = require('jvfs');
// your code!
let file = jvfs.getFile(tarNode);
// more of your code!


Get source code

git clone https://github.com/Anarcroth/jayVFS.git

Navigate in the project directory and run

npm install

Setup & Configuration

This VFS has it's own twist on a B+Tree. The full documentation can be found in here.

In order to configure the FS, you can look at the .conf file that gives the initial file structure. You can change it to anything you like and the FS will structure it in that way.


Here are the supported commands (for now):

ls - [./] [../] [DIR]; List information about the FILEs (the current directory by default).
rm - [FILE]; Removes specified file.
cd - [./] [../] [DIRECTORY]; Change the working directory of the current shell execution environment.
pwd - Print the name of current working directory.
cat - [FILE]; Concatenate FILE(s) to standard output.
help - [COMMAND]; Print the help of a command.
mkdir - [DIRECTORY]; Create the DIRECTORY, if it does not already exist.
rmdir - [DIRECTORY]; Remove the DIRECTORY, if it is empty.
touch - [FILE]; A FILE argument that does not exist is created empty.


All contributions are welcome! If you have an idea for an new feature, feel free to add it or open a task for it.


npm i jayvfs

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