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    Tokenize source code documentation created to document non-component functions in StoryBook.js. StoryBook generates component documentations by adding a __docgenInfo property to components. This package can add a __docgenInfo to most functions.


    npm install javadoc-tokenizer


    Download and run npm start.


    1. Portable way to extract doc blocks into JSON objects. Other documentation tools such as esdoc2 do not have a way to use their tokenizers separately.
    2. Support a wide range of common tags including @property
    3. Normalize type names such as bool => Boolean
    4. Extract default values specified in brackets
    5. Generate simple signature strings such as bytesToText(bytes, precision = 'auto') ⇒ {String}

    Recognized tags

    Tag Output Description
    @name String The name of the function (if not present, name will be inferred)
    @description String The name of the function (if not present, top text will be used)
    @param Object[] type, description, default value and properties of an argument
    @property Object[] type, description and default value of an argument's property
    @throws Object[] type, description and properties of an Error that may be thrown
    @examples Object[] type, text, description and language of a code example
    @access String May be public, private, protected or a custom value
    @api String Alias for @access
    @public String Same as @access public
    @private String Same as @access private
    @protected String Same as @access protected
    @chainable Boolean True if function is chainable
    @deprecated Boolean True if function is deprecated
    @version String Function version
    @since String Version of library when function was added
    @todo String[] A list of TODOs
    @see String[] A list of text/links for more information
    @returns Object type, description and properties of the return value
    @ignore Boolean True if function should be omitted from displayed documentation

    Note: Other tags will be put into a customTags array.


    Tokenize source code

    const fs = require('fs');
    const { extract } = require('javadoc-tokenizer');
    let src = fs.readFileSync(path, 'utf8');
    const functionDocs = extract(src);

    Add a __docgenInfo property to all functions possible

    const fs = require('fs');
    const { getDocgenCode } = require('javadoc-tokenizer');
    let src = fs.readFileSync(path, 'utf8');
    const docgenCode = getDocgenCode(src);
    if (docgenCode) {
    	src += '\n\n' + docgenCode;

    Example Input and Output


     * Convert numeric bytes to a rounded number with label
     * @example
     * bytesToText(23 * 1024 + 35); // 23.4 KB
     * @param {Number} bytes  The number of bytes
     * @param {Number|String} precision  The decimal precision or "auto"
     * @returns {String}
    export default function bytesToText(bytes, precision = 'auto') {
    	// ...


    		access: 'public',
    		canAddDocgen: true,
    		chainable: null,
    			"export default function bytesToText(bytes, precision = 'auto')",
    		customTags: [],
    		deprecated: null,
    		description: 'Convert numeric bytes to a rounded number with label',
    		examples: [
    				description: '',
    				language: 'js',
    				text: 'bytesToText(23 * 1024 + 35); // 23.4 KB',
    				type: 'javadoc',
    		ignore: false,
    		name: 'bytesToText',
    		params: [
    				default: undefined,
    				description: 'The number of bytes',
    				name: 'bytes',
    				properties: [],
    				required: true,
    				type: 'Number',
    				default: undefined,
    				description: 'The decimal precision or "auto"',
    				name: 'precision',
    				properties: [],
    				required: true,
    				type: 'Number|String',
    		returns: {
    			description: '',
    			properties: [],
    			type: 'String',
    		see: [],
    		signature: "bytesToText(bytes, precision = 'auto') ⇒ {String}",
    		since: null,
    		subtype: null,
    		throws: [],
    		todos: [],
    		type: 'function',
    		version: null,


    1. Only tested on JavaScript
    2. Uses regular expressions instead of code tokenization
    3. Tokenizer is not aware of context; e.g. the name of the class they belong to

    Unit Tests and Code Coverage

    Powered by jest

    npm test
    npm run coverage


    Contributions are welcome. Please open a GitHub ticket for bugs or feature requests. Please make a pull request for any fixes or new code you'd like to be incorporated.


    Open Source under the ISC License.


    npm i javadoc-tokenizer

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