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James.js is a composable build tool which prefers code over configuration.

// Jamesfile.js 
var james  = require('james'),
    coffee = require('james-coffee'),
    uglify = require('james-uglify');
james.task('build', function() {
  james.list('src/**/*.coffee').forEach(function(file) {
      .transform(coffee({bare: true}))
      .write(file.replace('src', 'dist').replace('.coffee', '.min.js'));
james.task('watch', function() {'test/**/*.coffee', function(event, file) {
      .transform(coffee({bare: true}))
      .write(file.replace('.coffee', '.js')));
james.task('default', ['build', 'watch']);


james.task(name, task) Define a new task with given name. task can be either a callback or a list of existing task names.

james.list(glob1, glob2, ...) List files matching to a given globs., callback) Watch files matching the glob.

james.dest(filename) Returns a Writable stream. Handy if you want to concatenate files to a single destination. Read a file. Returns a Pipeline object. Use, if you need an access to the underlying ReadableStream.

james.wait(writes) Waits for Pipeline.write operation to finish. writes can be a single write operation or a list of write operations, e.g.,

js = james.list('src/**/*.coffee').map(function(file) {\.coffee/, '.js'));
// After james.wait, it's safe to read files, e.g., with browserify or r.js 
james.wait(js, function(js) { js.forEach(function(filename){ }) });

Pipeline.transform(transformation) Transform the underlying stream with a given transformation. transformation can be either a Transform stream or a Transform stream constructor.

Pipeline.write(dest) Write the underlying stream to a dest. dest can be either a Writable stream or a filename. Returns the Writable stream with stream.promise property. Promise is resolved when the file has been written. Promise is used by james.wait.


By default, james runs default task. Specific tasks can be run by listing them on the command-line.

> npm install -g james
> james
> james build watch


Existing transformations are listed in the wiki. Please add your transformations, too!

Creating new transformations

James uses node.js streams for transformations. Create a Transform stream, or use james.createTransformation helper.

// james-coffee/index.js 
var james  = require('james'),
    coffee = require('coffee-script');
coffee.createStream = function() {
  return james.createTransformation(function(content, callback) {
    // Process the file content and call the callback with the result.