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A NodeJS wrapper for Discord Selfbot

Jalter is lightweight libs for Discord selfbot, yet it handle the most of Discord endpoint needs.
Automating user is against Discord's Terms of Service. This may result in termination

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  • Covers the most endpoints.
  • Non-standard stuff
  • Respect the rate limit
  • Documented and tested
  • Easy to use: check your intelisense


yarn add jalter / npm i jalter


NOTE: NodeJS 14.x or higher

User token

How to get token? Open browser devtools try to request something then check the network tab


The documentation can be found https://sinkaroid.github.io/jalter


import Jalter from "jalter";

const jalter = new Jalter("wwgwgwgbadadaadpunopupupuu.X7hb5Q.-ngent00dinaLteer1213ngENt0dCcWW_1M");

jalter.getMe().then((res) => { console.log("me", res); });

CommonJS should do with const Jalter = require("jalter")


Non standard methods

Example send message or random message every X seconds

Example From array given:

jalter.sendInterval("974918359500075041", 2000, ["hey", "ho", "let's go"])
    .then((res) => { console.log("sendInterval", res); });

If not specified will use random "Hello World":

jalter.sendInterval("974918359500075041", 2000)
    .then((res) => { console.log("sendInterval", res); });

Automated send message and will stop once the count is reached

Desired count is 5, and with 2 second interval

jalter.sendCount("974918359500075041", 2000, "hey", 5)
    .then((res) => { console.log("sendCount", res); });


  • There is a hard rate limit every 1 seconds per request

Listen to events

The answer is no, This is intended for something raw and pure HTTP request without extended actions, If you still rely listen events to implement a full-featured bot, use real bot account.


id_ID/jalter/ — Jalan Alternatif (?) Jadikan ini sebagai jalan alternatif, bukan sebuah tujuan.


This library is maintained but i never use it in production. However it is still somewhat experimental, You are encouraged to make your own tests with your specific endpoints and data types.

Automated user accounts (self-bots)

Cc: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002192352-Automated-user-accounts-self-bots-
The question regarding "self bots" has come up here and there, and we'd like to make our stance clear:

Discord's API provides a separate type of user account dedicated to automation, called a bot account. Bot accounts can be created through the applications page, and are authenticated using a token (rather than a username and password). Unlike the normal OAuth2 flow, bot accounts have full access to all API routes without using bearer tokens, and can connect to the Real Time Gateway. Automating normal user accounts (generally called "self-bots") outside of the OAuth2/bot API is forbidden, and can result in an account termination if found.

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