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Jalali Moment

Display, parse, manipulate and validate jalali (Persian, Khorshidi, Shamsi) or Gregorian (Miladi) dates and times and also convert Jalali (Persian, Khorshidi, Shamsi) date to Gregorian (Miladi) or vice versa in javascript or typescript. DEMO

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It was a fork of moment-jalali but the main goal of this repository is to facilitate converting any library using moment.js to be compatible with jalali calendar system. List of packages use jalali-moment to convert calendar system.

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Please take a look at day.js, jalaliday module.

How to

  • Install

  • Use jalali moment in

  • Use API

    This plugin provides using jalali and gregorian calendar system together on momentjs api.

    .locale('fa'); it will use jalali calendar system

    .locale('any other locale'); it will use gregorian calendar system

    You can set locale for a moment instance(locally) or set it globally example of changing locale locally

    const m = moment();
    m.format('YY-MM-DD'); // it would be in jalali system

    change locale globally

    moment().format();// it would be in jalali system
    moment().add(1,'m').format();// it would be in jalali system

    Notice : When you need parse a date which is not in the system you have set for global locale you can use of method moment.from(date, 'another locale')

    moment.from('2018-04-04', 'en', 'YYYY-MM-DD').format();// it would be in jalali system

    When locale is globally set to 'fa', it's also possible to use gregorian calendar for parsing a date. By setting { useGregorianParser: true } as second parameter of .locale() you can reach this. useGregorianParser default value is false in 'fa' locale.

    moment.locale('fa', { useGregorianParser: true });  
    moment('2018-04-04').format();// it would be in jalali system  
    moment('2019-01-17T08:19:19.975Z').format();// it would be in jalali system  


  • Parse
    // parse gregorian date
    m = moment('1989/1/24', 'YYYY/M/D');// parse a gregorian (miladi) date
    m = moment.from('01/1989/24', 'en', 'MM/YYYY/DD');
    // parse jalali date
    m = moment('1367/11/04', 'jYYYY/jMM/jDD');
    m = moment.from('1367/04/11', 'fa', 'YYYY/MM/DD');
    m = moment.from('04/1367/11', 'fa', 'DD/YYYY/MM');
  • Display
    m.format('jYYYY/jMM/jDD'); // 1367/11/04
    m.locale('fa').format('YYYY/MM/DD'); // 1367/11/04
  • Manipulate
    m.add(1, 'day').locale('fa').format('YYYY/MM/DD'); // 1367/11/05
  • Validate
    m.isSame(m.clone()); // true
  • Convert
    moment.from('1367/11/04', 'fa', 'YYYY/MM/DD').format('YYYY/MM/DD'); // 1989/01/24
    moment('1989/01/24', 'YYYY/MM/DD').locale('fa').format('YYYY/MM/DD'); // 1367/11/04


jalali(Persian) calendar is a solar calendar system. It gains approximately 1 day on the Julian calendar every 128 years. Read more on Wikipedia.

Calendar conversion is based on the algorithm provided by Kazimierz M. Borkowski and has a very good performance.

This plugin adds Jalali (Persian, Khorshidi, Shamsi) calendar system to moment.js library.


Install via npm

npm install jalali-moment -S

Install via yarn

yarn add jalali-moment

Install via bower

bower install jalali-moment --save

Using in Node.js

Install it via npm or yarn then use it as the following code

var moment = require('jalali-moment');

Using in browser


get library using bower, npm, cdn, or cloning the repository

<!--<script src="bower_components/jalali-moment/dist/jalali-moment.browser.js"></script>-->
<!--<script src="node_modules/jalali-moment/dist/jalali-moment.browser.js"></script>-->
<script src="https://unpkg.com/jalali-moment/dist/jalali-moment.browser.js"></script>
<!--<script src="thisRepositoryPath/dist/jalali-moment.browser.js"></script>-->



import moment from 'jalali-moment'
render() {
    return (
            this.props.data.map((post,key) =>
                <div key={key} className='post-detail'>
                    <p>{moment(post.date, 'YYYY/MM/DD').locale('fa').format('YYYY/MM/DD')}</p>
                    <hr />


import * as moment from 'jalali-moment';
let todayJalali = moment().locale('fa').format('YYYY/M/D');


import * as moment from 'jalali-moment';

Add a pipe

  name: 'jalali'
export class JalaliPipe implements PipeTransform {
  transform(value: any, args?: any): any {
    let MomentDate = moment(value, 'YYYY/MM/DD');
    return MomentDate.locale('fa').format('YYYY/M/D');

and use it in component template

 <div>{{ loadedData.date | jalali }}</div>


You can create a value converters like following:

import { valueConverter } from 'aurelia-framework';
var moment = require('jalali-moment');

export class DateValueConverter {
  toView(value: string, format: string = 'YYYY/MM/DD', locale: string = 'en') {
    if (!value) return null;
    return moment(value, 'YYYY/MM/DD').locale(locale).format(format);

then use this value converter in your html files:

<require from="path_to_your_date_value_converter"></require>

<h1 style="direction:ltr">

also, for aurelia developers, there is a plugin, aurelia-time, in which there are value converters for jalali-moment and other time and date libraries.


Use vue-jalali-moment library

<span>{{ someDate | moment('dddd, MMMM Do YYYY') }}</span>

Command Line

Its cli needs to get installed globally

npm i -g jalali-moment

Then you will be able to convert Persian date to Gregorian and vice versa in terminal or command line as the following

jalalim tojalali 1989/1/24
jalalim togregorian 1392/5/8

If you want something faster, checkout https://github.com/NightMachinary/jalalicli:

❯ hyperfine --warmup 5 'jalalicli tojalali 2001/09/11' 'jalalim tojalali 2001/09/11'
Benchmark #1: jalalicli tojalali 2001/09/11
  Time (mean ± σ):       4.4 ms ±  13.3 ms    [User: 2.8 ms, System: 2.8 ms]
  Range (min … max):     0.0 ms … 107.0 ms    97 runs

Benchmark #2: jalalim tojalali 2001/09/11
  Time (mean ± σ):     148.9 ms ±  76.5 ms    [User: 88.5 ms, System: 19.4 ms]
  Range (min … max):    96.9 ms … 343.0 ms    21 runs

  'jalalicli tojalali 2001/09/11' ran
   33.88 ± 103.80 times faster than 'jalalim tojalali 2001/09/11'


get library using bower, npm, cdn, or cloning the repository

<!--<script src="bower_components/jalali-moment/dist/jalali-moment.browser.js"></script>-->
<!--<script src="node_modules/jalali-moment/dist/jalali-moment.browser.js"></script>-->
<script src="https://unpkg.com/jalali-moment/dist/jalali-moment.browser.js"></script>
<!--<script src="thisRepositoryPath/dist/jalali-moment.browser.js"></script>-->



This plugin tries to change calendar system moment.js api by using locale method.

now = moment(); //get the current date and time,


Create a instance of moment from a Jalali (Persian) or Miladi date and time as string.more

gregorian date
m = moment('1989/1/24', 'YYYY/M/D');
m = moment.from('1989/1/24', 'en', 'YYYY/M/D');
m = moment.from('01/1989/24', 'en', 'MM/YYYY/DD');
persian date
m = moment('1367/11/4', 'jYYYY/jM/jD');
m = moment.from('1367/11/04', 'fa', 'YYYY/MM/DD');
m = moment.from('11/1367/04', 'fa', 'MM/YYYY/DD');

// it will change locale for all new moment instance
m = moment('1367/11/04', 'YYYY/M/D');

Display jalali or miladi date

Display moment instance as a string.more

moment.locale('en'); // default locale is en
m = moment('1989/1/24', 'YYYY/M/D');
m.locale('fa'); // change locale for this moment instance
m.format('YYYY/M/D');// 1367/11/4
m.format('MM'); // 11 display jalali month
m.format('MMMM'); // Bahman
m.format('DD'); // 04 display day by two digit
m.format('DDD'); // 310 display day of year
m.format('w'); // 45 display week of year
m.format('M'); // 1 display miladi month
m.format('MM'); // 01 display month by two digit
m.format('MMMM'); // January
m.format('jYYYY/jM/jD [is] YYYY/M/D'); // 1367/11/4 is 1989/1/24


There are a number of methods to modify date and time.more

m.year(1368); // set jalali year
//  If the range is exceeded, it will bubble up to the year.
m.month(3); // month will be 4 and m.format('M')=='4' , jMonth Accepts numbers from 0 to 11.
m.date(10); // set a date
m.format('YYYY/MM/D'); // 1368/4/10
m.subtract(1, 'year'); // subtract a Jalali Year
m.format('YYYY/MM/D'); // 1367/4/10
m.add(2, 'month'); // add two shamsi Month
m.format('YYYY/MM/D'); // 1367/6/10
m.endOf('month').format('YYYY/MM/D'); // 1367/6/31
m.startOf('year').format('YYYY/MM/D'); // 1367/1/1


Check a date and time.more

m = moment('1367/11/4', 'jYYYY/jM/jD');
m.isLeapYear(); // false
m.isSame(moment('1989-01-01','YYYY-MM-DD'), 'year'); // true
m.isSame(moment('1367-01-01','jYYYY-jMM-jDD'), 'year'); // true
m.isBefore(moment('1367-01-01','jYYYY-jMM-jDD'), 'month'); // false
m.isAfter(moment('1367-01-01','jYYYY-jMM-jDD'), 'jyear'); // false
m.isValid(); // true
moment('1396/7/31' ,'jYYYY/jM/jD').isValid(); // false

validation demo in plunker

Convert persian(Jalali , Shamsi, khorshidi) to gregorian (miladi) calendar system

moment.from('1392/6/3 16:40', 'fa', 'YYYY/M/D HH:mm')
    .format('YYYY-M-D HH:mm:ss'); // 2013-8-25 16:40:00

Convert gregorian (miladi) to jalali (Shamsi, persian)

moment('2013-8-25 16:40:00', 'YYYY-M-D HH:mm:ss')
    .format('YYYY/M/D HH:mm:ss'); // 1392/6/31 23:59:59

Change calendar system on changing its locale


An example usage:

To make a datePicker work with jalali(shamsi) calendar system you could use this ability.

Using in Plunker


<script src='https://unpkg.com/jalali-moment/dist/jalali-moment.browser.js'></script>

es5 demo in plunker

Typescript or es6

You could use systemjs to import this library into your project like this

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