Serve static Jade files from an Express server.


Serve static Jade templates from an Express server.

It's an NPM package. You can just do the following.

npm install jade-static

Import it via node's require function.

var jadeStatic = require('jade-static');

Then, you would simply add it as a used middleware when you configure your Express server.

var server = express();

// You can watch just about any folder to serve the static Jade files.

HTML is great and all, but I got pretty tired of its angle brackets. Jade seemed to give me a break from it all. Therefore, I wrote a middleware for node servers running on Express.

  • Compiles JADE files on the fly.
  • Serves /path/index.jade when /path is requested.
  • Serves /path/index.jade when /path/index.html is requested.
  • No caching of any kind