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Jade Client Connect

This is a piece of Middleware for the connect framework. It can be plugged into Connect servers or Express servers and expose a URL to the client which will have as a javascript file all of the compiled templates.

How to use

Copy Git repository into your project run 'npm install -d'

In your connect server file

app = require('connect').createServer();
app.use(require('./jade-client-connect/')(__dirname + "/views"));

On the client

<script src="/scripts/templates.js"></script>
  // Assuming you have a file named content.jade in the views folder
  var html = tpl.content({ title: "Hello World" });

Defaults & Options

var options = {
  ns : 'tpl'
app.use(require('./jade-client-connect/')(__dirname+"/views", options));

The src option is the folder that contains all of the jade templates. Each of the files inside this directory will be compiled as a javascript jade template in the ns client namespace. By default the namespace is tpl so all teplates will be accessed by calling something like tpl.footer(). Only one file will be sent back to the client.

Running Tests & Compiling Source

cake build
cake test