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    This library works with Jyt to render Angular HTML markup on the server. This is how it works at a high level:

    1. Write your HTML using Jyt.
      • div({ 'class': 'foo' }, span('hello'))
    2. Add Angular markup to your Jyt markup.
      • var markup = div({ 'ng-if': 'someVal', 'class': 'foo' }, span({ 'ng-bind': 'greeting' }, 'hello'))
    3. Pass your markup into Jangular with a model.
      • var html = jangular.render(markup, { someVal: true, greeting: 'Hello, world' })
    4. You now have rendered HTML in a string that you can return to the user or whatever else you want.
      • <div ng-if="someVal" class="foo"><span ng-bind="greeting">Hello, world</span></div>


    From the command line enter:

    npm install jangular --save

    Then use Jangular anywhere in your node.js code. For example:

    var jangular = require('jangular');
    // add all the HTML functions to the local scope
    var markup = div({ 'ng-if': 'someVal', 'class': 'foo' }, span({ 'ng-bind': 'greeting' }, 'hello'));
    var html = jangular.render(markup, { someVal: true, greeting: 'Hello, world' });
    // output: <div ng-if="someVal" class="foo"><span ng-bind="greeting">Hello, world</span></div>


    The following functions are available with Jangular:

    • render(markup, model, strip) - As described above. Strip is a boolean that will remove Angular directives after rendering them.
    • addShortcutsToScope(obj) - This will add all the HTML functions to whatever object is passed in.
    • registerPlugin(name, fn) - This is used to register a Jyt plugin.
    • addDirective(name, fn) - Add a custom directive to Jangular (essentially a callback to the directive's link() function)
    • addFilters(name, arr) - Add filters Jangular will evaluate while rendering


    While this library can be used on its own without any issues, it was design to work with Pancakes through the pancakes-angular plugin. Basically, this library is dumb about how it is used. It simple rendering Jyt markup with Angular any registered Angular directives. Pancakes-angular is used to generate a set of custom directives based off the app that is using Pancakes.


    npm i jact

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