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    Simple random word / paragraph / lorem ipsum / dummy text generator.

    Supports fake name, email address. image CodeSandbox demo


    • Capitalizes first letter of the sentences.
    • Add theme words to make the sentences look somewhat related to a theme and not complete jabber.
    • No dependencies, light weight
    • Configurable density of theme words.
    • Generate fake names and emails
    • Add additional vowel/consonant characters to pre configured english alphabets.


    npm install jabber

    Usage Example

    const Jabber = require('jabber');

    Instantiate Jabber

    new Jabber( themeWords: string[],
                themeWordDensity: number,
                extraVowels: string,
                extraConsonants: string ) : Jabber
    // @param themeWords — Custom words that need to appear in some density
    // @param themeWordDensity — appearance of themeword 1 per this number so 5 will make it approx 1 per 5 words
    // @param extraVowels — additional vowel chars
    // @param extraConsonants — additional consonants

    Without theme words

    // Initialize without theme words, all the words generated will be jabber-ish
    const jabber = new Jabber();
    // Create a 6 letter word
    jabber.createWord(6); //"cubaci"
    // Set second param to true to capitalize first letter
    jabber.createWord(5, true); //"Ribah"
    jabber.createFullName(); // 'Ms. Negu Komi',
    const nameNoSalutation = jabber.createFullName(false); //' Mobosek Teqigeg'
    jabber.createEmail(); // ''
    const emailWithCustomDomain = jabber.createEmail(''); // ''
    // create a paragraph of 30 words
    /* "Pahodu decodifo qudel dociriveh. Kadunebob ki vuxo wu cene… Maru lucuzac kogimag mubav roxe cutosimuh. Ce pukicexin." */

    Usage with theme words

    // Define Theme Words that will appear randomly in the text
    const themeWords = [
      'Content curation',
      'Social graph',
      'User-generated content (UGC)',
      'Affiliate marketing',
      'Bounce rate',
      'Call to Action (CTA)',
      'Click through rate (CTR)',
      'SDK (Software Development Kit)',
      'Web apps',
        Initialize passing in themewords and density of themeword
        1 being only themewords (100%)
        100 meaning 1 out of 100 words (1%)
        Lets use 2 which means every other word (50%) is a theme word
    let jabber = new Jabber(themeWords, 2);
    // Create a 6 letter word (Capitalized)
    // createWord might return themeword which will not care about length
    jabber.createWord(6, true); // "Pamulo"
    // create a paragraph of 50 words
    // See below the result


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    Since Jabber is extreamly light weight, it is very performant. image


    npm i jabber

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