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Mobile Chrome Apps

Mobile Chrome Apps is a toolkit for porting Chrome Packaged Apps to Android and iOS hybrid web applications, through Apache Cordova.


  • You're excited about Chrome Packaged Apps for Windows, OSX, Linux, and ChromeOS. Sweet!
  • You've discovered this toolkit for porting a Chrome Packaged App to Android & iOS as native apps.
  • Follow our guide (below) to import your existing app (or start fresh).
  • You test out your app on devices & make mobile-specific UX enhancements.
  • Publish to the Android Play Store or iOS App Store.
  • Profit!


Android 4.x+, iOS 6+.


You'll probably want to start with the Installation Guide.

Follow that up with the Getting Started Guide.

See what APIs are supported on the API Status Page.

Find all our documentation in the docs/ directory.


There is a public mailing list ( for discussing Mobile Chrome Apps. You can also visit the groups page.