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j5-songs Build Status

Songs for Johnny-Five Piezo class

Getting Started

Install the module with: npm install j5-songs --save

var five = require('johnny-five');
var songs = require('j5-songs');
five.Board().on('ready', function () {
  var piezo = new five.Piezo(3);
  // Load a song object 
  var song = songs.load('never-gonna-give-you-up');
  // Play it !;
  // List all songs 
  songs.list(function (err, tunes) {
    // Object literal with all the songs 


Song ID Artist Name
beethovens-fifth Beethoven Beethoven's Fifth
claxon Brian Genisio A Claxon 2x
do-re-mi Richard Rogers Do-Re-Mi
doorbell Unknown Classic Doorbell
funeral-march-short Chopin Funeral March
jingle-bells-short James Pierpont Jingle Bells
mario-fanfare Nintendo Super Mario Theme
mario-intro Nintendo Super Mario Intro
never-gonna-give-you-up Rick Astley Never Gonna Give You Up
pew-pew-pew Brian Genisio A shooter noise
tetris-theme Korobeiniki The tetris theme
starwars-theme John Williams THE Star Wars Theme

For more songs check lib/songs folder


Copyright (c) 2014 Julian Duque, Brian Genisio. Licensed under the MIT license.