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    Contains bare minimum commandline interface (< 100Kb) for using the IzyWare application platform. Checkout https://izyware.com for more information.


    If you are using npm (the Node.js package manager) always ensure that your npm is up-to-date by running:

    npm update -g npm

    Then use:

    npm install -g izy

    This will put the izy command in your system path, allowing it to be run from any directory.

    If you do not have npm or you would rather install the tool locally just download the .zip file from https://izyware.com or clone the git repository.

    NOTE: The tool requires stable Node.js versions >= 2.0.0.


    If you have installed the tool using npm, izy will be in your system path and can be run fom any directory. Try:

    izy help

    izy sysview

    For non npm installations (i.e. downloading the zip file), on windows, use ldo.bat file. On all other platforms (Mac, Unix, etc.) use ldo.sh

    So on MacOS or Linux try: ./ldo.sh help

    On Windows based platform use: ./ldo.bat help

    Module Path Resolution

    When an izy command is run from the command line that will have a loadmodule (ldmod) statement, the platform will try to locate the module on the system by searching the local file system for installed Izy packages in the paths defined in thirdparty/config/kernel/extstores/file.js (Module Resolution Paths).

    When customizing these in the thirdparty/config/kernel/extstores/file.js, if you decide to use a relative path (i.e. the rel: prefix) please remember that they are relative to the Anchor Path/modtask of the 'izy' command process.

    To see the current Anchor Path and Module Resolution Paths configuration, type:

    izy sysview


    These instructions do not install any packages beyond the command line interface. To recieve help about installing additional packages try the following from the commandline:

    izy help

    or just visit https://izyware.com


    This package was auto-generated using the codegen/console/template module from the raw command line interface. To republish, use the build tool to auto generate the package.


    npm i izy

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