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    Ivrita Logo

    Ivrita JavaScript Library

    Ivrita is an open-source set of typographic tools for gender equality in Hebrew.
    Read about the project in Hebrew »

    Chrome Extension · WordPress Plugin

    Install on your website

    If your website uses WordPress, check out the WordPress Plugin for easy usage

    Installing the library on your website requires 3 steps:

    1. Include the minified JS file:

      <script src="https://ivrita.alefalefalef.co.il/ivrita.min.js"></script>
    2. Initialize the Ivrita object:

      • First argument is the DOM element(s) for which texts should be changed (default: <body> and <title>)
      • Second argument is the initial gender to be set (default: Ivrita.NEUTRAL)
      var ivrita = new Ivrita(document.querySelector('#content'), Ivrita.FEMALE);
    3. Change the gender later with setMode on the object instance:

      ivrita.setMode(Ivrita.MALE); // Possible options: Ivrita.MALE, Ivrita.FEMALE, Ivrita.NEUTRAL, Ivrita.ORIGNAL

    That's it!

    Install Source

    Use npm to install the package files locally, to include in another JS library:

    npm install ivrita
    import Ivrita from 'ivrita';
    console.log(Ivrita.genderize('ברוכים/ות הבאות/ים', Ivrita.FEMALE));


    Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

    Most typical changes to the Hebrew genderization should be added to the rules.js file. Note that the order of rules matters, since the rules are executed one by one and can conflict.

    Use npm test (or npm run test-watch) to make sure your changes didn't break any functionality, and please make sure to update tests for new features or bug fixes.




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