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    What is IvanK.js?

    IvanK.js is light Javascript library for rich 2D and 3D graphics, inspired by Flash, so it is familiar to flash developers. What benefits you get with IvanK over Flash and other HTML5 frameworks?

    • Incredible speed. IvanK uses WebGL to render graphics. Your games and apps will be incredibly fast and smooth even on low-end devices. Don't worry about resolution of textures or game frame. Since now, all your games can run at 60 FPS in fullscreen.

    • Easiest way to do 3D. IvanK allows you to make 3D graphics without knowing any low-level APIs, shading lanugages or advanced linear algebra (even if you know it, you will enjoy not carying about it while working with IvanK). Start by setting object.z = 20. Animate with object.rotationY += 5. Draw your first triangles using Graphics.drawTriangles3D(). Make a 3D Shooter.

    • "Native" programming. Many third-party tools allow you to write HTML5 apps. They have their own environment and they generate Javascript at the end. But IvanK and your app are written in Javascript, you know what your code does and it is always faster than any machine-generated Javascript.

    • Mobile devices support. Run your apps and games on any device including tablets and smartphones (and TVs, cars, watches, microwaves, ...). Your app will run in any browser with WebGL support (most of Android browsers, iOS 8+, Windows Phone 8+, Tizen, BlackBerry 10+ etc.).



    • 令人难以置信的速度。 IvanK使用WebGL渲染图形。即使在低端设备上,您的游戏和应用程序也将变得异常快速和流畅。不必担心纹理或游戏框架的分辨率。从现在开始,您的所有游戏都可以全屏速度以60 FPS运行。

    • 最简单的3D方法。 IvanK允许您制作3D图形,而无需了解任何低级API,着色语言或高级线性代数(即使您知道它,也不会在使用IvanK时无所顾忌)。首先设置object.z =20。用object.rotationY + = 5进行动画处理。使用Graphics.drawTriangles3D()绘制第一个三角形。制作3D射击游戏。

    • “本地”编程。 许多第三方工具允许您编写HTML5应用程序。他们有自己的环境,最后生成Javascript。但是IvanK和您的应用程序都是用Javascript编写的,您知道代码的作用,并且它总是比任何机器生成的Javascript都要快。

    • 移动设备支持。 在包括平板电脑和智能手机(以及电视,汽车,手表,微波炉等)的任何设备上运行您的应用和游戏。您的应用程序将在任何支持WebGL的浏览器中运行(大多数Android浏览器,iOS 8 +,Windows Phone 8 +,Tizen,BlackBerry 10+等)。

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