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( इतिवृत्तः ) — Logging system for Node.js with 🍬 theming and file 🗃 logging support.

itivrutaha is my first ever JavaScript (initially) project. It is a console logging module for Node.js to be used in CLIs, GUI desktop frameworks (like Electron & NodeGUI) and for web servers.

Tweet me @vsnthdev, I would love to know your opinion/experience on this project 😍

⚡️ Features

  1. Save logs to files
  2. Create multiple loggers with context
  3. Flexible theming support with chalk
  4. Terminal emoji support
  5. Written in TypeScript

💿 Installation

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npm i itivrutaha

🚴‍♂️ Quick Start

After installing itivrutaha using the above commands, you can use it in the following way:

import itivrutaha from 'itivrutaha'

// create a new instance of the logger
const logger = await itivrutaha.createNewLogger({
    // optional configuration

// examples of logging with itivrutaha
logger.note('Point to be noted')
logger.okay('Not an info message')
logger.success('Makes users happy')'Nice to know something is happening')
logger.verbose("Always makes developer's life easy")

To know more configuration options like file logging, themes, and time formatting see the customization page.

🛠 Building

  • npm install — Installs all dependencies.
  • npm run dev — Builds TypeScript and docs automatically upon save.
  • npm run build — Deletes existing build files & freshly compiles TypeScript code.
  • npm run docs — Deletes existing docs and freshly builds by reading code.

Note: Run node examples/index.js to test itivrutaha with the latest code.

📰 License

The itivrutaha project is released under the MIT license.
Developed & maintained By Vasanth Srivatsa. Copyright 2022 © Vasanth Developer.  ·  YouTube @vasanthdeveloper  ·  Twitter @vsnthdev  ·  Discord Vasanth Developer


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