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    Resoc Image Template Development Kit

    Generate personalized, content-rich, branded images for social media and other purposes:

    • You create an image template using HTML and CSS, once for all
    • Resoc generates thousands of images based on this template

    Resoc uses Puppeteer/Chromium to turn your template into regular JPG/PNG images.

    Quick start

    npx itdk init my-new-resoc-template
    # ... and follow the white rabbit


    The features you need to get the job done easily:

    • Viewer for OpenGraph/Facebook and Twitter Card images, with auto-reload
    • Integrate Resoc to your CI/CD via command line or from your JS code
    • Parameter declaration so you clearly define what your template is expecting: a post title, an author profile picture...

    Image templates

    Image templates are made of HTML and CSS, with a little bit of Mustache. Mustache is a simple templating language you use to handle parameters. For example, if you build a template to create the social images of a blog, you might take parameters for the title, featured image URL, author's name, etc.

    An image template is made of:

    • A manifest, named resoc.manifest.json by default. This file declares the template parameters. It also lists the ressources that will be run through Mustache to set parameter values.
    • An HTML file, which will be rendered as an image. This file can access parameters via Mustache.
    • All other files you need: CSS, JS...

    Browse the starter template as an example.

    View and debug

    You can view a template in action with:

    npx itdk view path/to/resoc.manifest.json

    The command opens a browser with the viewer:


    It parses your image template manifest and shows a form, matching the template's parameters. Edit the values to see the result.

    At the bottom of the viewer, a sample command line lets you generate the corresponding image:

    Command line


    Command line

    Create images from the command line with create-img:

    npm install -g create-img
    create-img path/top/resoc.manifest.json -o output-image.jpg --params title="A picture is worth a thousand words" mainImageUrl="" textColor="#ffffff" backgroundColor="#20552a" -w 1200 -h 630

    Note that the viewer displays a sample command line you can copy and edit.


    You can call the image generation right from your code. Install the package:

    npm install @resoc/create-img


    import { compileLocalTemplate } from "@resoc/create-img"
    await compileLocalTemplate(
            title: 'A picture is worth a thousand words',
            mainImageUrl: '',
            textColor: '#ffffff',
            backgroundColor: '#20552a',
            resoc_imageWidth: '1200',
            resoc_imageHeight: '630'


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