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iSSH - don't forget your servers IPs


iSSH is a tiny but safe command line tool for those people interact with so many servers. It gets your server IP, username and password, then you can login whenever you want by entering master password. Each record is called Alias and each Alias have a name, assosciated host name (IP/Domain/etc.), username and an optional password. You can just login into a server using issh login {alias_name} or create a new alias with the same command.


npm install -g EhsaanF/issh for development version npm install -g issh for latest production version You many need to put sudo before npm


All host details are encrypted by AES-256-CTR algorithim and the master passsword. Master password is a password that you define to access your data. All data will be stored as a JSON file at ~/.logins.json



This is used for initial setup or viewing available commands.

issh list

This command outputs a list of aliases you saved.

issh login alias

Logins to the server assosciated with the Alias, or lets you create a new Alias.

issh edit alias

Edits the Alias.

issh drop alias

Removes the Alias.


Every contribution to the project is welcome. Source code is available in GitHub