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3D isosurface polygonizer


Isosurface polygonizer algorithms in JavaScript. For more details, see the following blog posts:

Or try out a live demo


var isosurface = require("isosurface")
var mesh = isosurface.surfaceNets([64,64,64], function(x,y,z) {
  return x*+ y*+ z*- 100
}, [[-11,-11,-11], [11,11,11]])


npm install isosurface


var isosurface = require("isosurface")

Extracts an isosurface from potential using surface nets with resolution given by dims.


  • dims: A 3D vector of integers representing the resolution of the isosurface
  • potential(x,y,z): A scalar valued potential function taking 3 coordinates as arguments returning a scalar.
  • bounds: A pair of 3D vectors [lo, hi] giving bounds on the potential to sample. If not specified, default is [[0,0,0], dims].

Returns: A mesh object with the following members:

  • positions: The coordinates of the vertices of the mesh
  • cells: The faces of the mesh.

Same as above, except uses marching cubes instead of surface nets to extract the isosurface.

Same as above, except uses marching tetrahedra instead of surface nets to extract the isosurface.


(c) 2012-2014 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License