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Isomorphic (ES6 + NodeJS) module boilerplate, with test framework integration.

  • Module written in ES6, but also available in NodeJS.
  • Install and build source code from git, not [npm, bower, centralized package manager].
  • Support a flat directory structure.
  • Also support node_modules folders for backwards compatability.
  • Run the same unit tests in NodeJS as well as browsers
  • Run unit tests against every browser and OS (on

ES6 + NodeJS Module

This package is available as both an ES6 module, as well as a NodeJS (CommonJS) module, thanks to the esm lib. To quote the esm README:

Use esm to load the main ES module and export it as CommonJS.


// Set options as a parameter, environment variable, or rc file.
require = require("esm")(module/*, options*/)
module.exports = require("./index.js")


// ESM syntax is supported.
export {}

💡 These files are automagically created with npm init esm or yarn create esm.

The only difference with this package and the esm boilerplate is we've renamed 'main.js' to 'index.node.js' for immediate recognition.

Git Distribution

This package uses gpm to install packages from git source code instead of a centralized package manager. This eliminates middle men from the code distribution channel, and ensures the latest code is available.

Note that gpm is a peer dependency of this package, and must be installed globally to install this package. The following command will do the trick.

npm i -g

After this, npm can be used as normal, since gpm is set in the preinstall hook in package.json.

gpm -n .. -t .. -u https -i .

This preinstall hook will install dependencies to the parent directory (..), preferring https to ssh as a git protocol.

A postinstall hook is currently required to ensure that the esm package is built, since the git branch does not include the build directory. The script is prettified here for your convenience.

try {
} catch (e) {
  require('child_process').execSync('npm i',
    cwd: require('path').join('..', 'esm')

This script will check if esm is built, and run npm i in ../esm if it is not.

Flat + node_modules

This module is compatible with node_modules folders, as well as flat, deployable folders (i.e. every dependency in a single folder, side by side). The goal is for you to be able to deploy your isomorphic module to a browser environment as-is, without any bundling or mapping of package names.

It's easiest to understand by following an example installation.

Step 1 create JS source directory
mkdir js
cd js
Step 2 clone this module (and/or fork your own)
git clone
cd iso-module-boilerplate
$ ls
index.js  index.node.js  package.json  package-lock.json  test.js
$ ls ..
Step 3 npm install
$ npm install
# List of files in parent (/js) directory no includes esm and iso-test repositories from git, as well as their dependencies 
$ ls ..
esm  iso-module-boilerplate  iso-test  is-wsl  open  tree-kill
# Node_modules contains symbolic links to modules in parent directory 
$ ls -l node_modules/
total 0
lrwxrwxrwx 1 isysd isysd  9 Apr 14 00:34 esm -> ../../esm
lrwxrwxrwx 1 isysd isysd 14 Apr 14 00:34 iso-test -> ../../iso-test

Test Everywhere

Finally, this module imports iso-test to run the same test code in both NodeJS as well as the browser of your choice. Write your unit test in test.js and call finishTest with the result. Anything beginning with "pass" will pass, everything else will fail, including uncaught errors.

Since iso-test is a devDependency, gpm does not install it automatically. Before testing, install it with:

gpm -n .. -t .. -u https -i iso-test

Travis CI is integrated to test your code using chromium, chrome, firefox, and safari, on linux, osx, and windows.


npm i iso-module-boilerplate

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