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Synchronous and asynchronous cross-platform library for organizing events.


Synchronous and asynchronous cross-platform library for organizing events.

  • NPM npm install isg-events
  • GIT git clone
  • download from releases

Depends on the modules:

Indirect dependency

The module can be connected using all supported module isg-connector@0.0.2 methods.

<script src="isg-events.js"></script>
    var Events = isgEvents.Events;
define(['isg-events.js'], function(isgEvents){
    var Events = isgEvents.Events;
var isgEvents = require('isg-events');
var Events = isgEvents.Events;

Contains the current version of the module.

Contains links to the required modules.

var events = new Events;


var MyEvents = function(){};
MyEvents.prototype = new Events;

Available options:

    sync: false, // true // asynchronous / synchronous call handler. 
    context: this, // this in the handler for the default `container` 
    self: false, // true // adds the first argument of `self` 
    limit: null // Number // how many times to call the handler 

The following will be called only after a call next.

container.on("action", function(next, arg1, arg2){
    }, 50);

The function next will be called automatically after the call handler.

container.on("action", function(arg1, arg2){
    }, 100);
}, {sync: true});

The handler described below exclude yourself from the list of event handlers immediately after the call.

container.on("action", function(self, next, arg1, arg2){;
    }, 50);
}, {self: true});

Available attributes of self variable:

    index: Number // Personal index of each handler 
    off: Function // Short-cut method to the handler could disable itself 
    limit: Function // Returns a copy of the options limit 
    // If the first argument is a number or null, the option replaces the limit for him 

Equivalent to calling: events.on(name, callback, {limit: 1});

container.trigger("action", function(){

If you call the trigger after the announcement of the above handlers, the console will look like this:


Available query attributes:

    name: undefined, // String 
    callback: undefined, // Function 
    sync: undefined, // Boolean 
    context: undefined, // any 
    self: undefined, // Boolean 
    limit: undefined // Number or Null 

Each specified attribute narrows the scope of the search to detach from the list of handlers.{
    name: "action"

Disable all event handlers "action"

To connect the module used isg-connector@0.0.2.

New requiring method for Node.js. New configuration prefix. _events to _isgEvents. Some fixes and cleaning.

New requiring methods. Some fixes.

Bigger readme. Some fixes.

The basic functionality.