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IS Framework


The purpose of this framework is to make object handling and mixins much more easier to work with in CoffeeScript / JavaScript

The whole application is wrapped in a Node.JS application that handles specs, browser testing, compiling with Stitch, and a few others.


If you want to see the documentation, you can head over to GitHub's pages and look through. You can try and connect the code to the documentation, after all, it's generated from the source code itself

The Node.JS application

Has a command.js wrapper, so it is very easy to use.

coffee boot
coffee boot -s localhost -p 9323
coffee boot -c ../project/src/IS.js
coffee boot -c ../project/src/IS.js -w 0.5

And so forth.

The first one sets up an http server on preset variables that compiles the project and feeds the application.js for you to handle in the console window of the browser (browser testing)

The second one sets up a server on localhost:9323, just like the previous one (except different variables)

The third one compiles the framework to the file hinted in the argument.

The forth one adds a watch (basically, a timer function), so that every 0.5 seconds it compiles the code to the path specified.

The framework