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iOS-style sticky headers with iScroll 5


Sticky headers for iScroll 5. Inspired by iscroll-stickyheader for iScroll 4.

bower install iscroll-sticky

The repository provides a prebuilt version.

Note: This plugin depends on iscroll-probe.js, as special kind of iScroll 5 build.

Set your IScroll HTML up as usual. Then set the probeType in the IScroll contructor and instantiate the sticky header with the iScrollSticky constructor. For example:

var scroll = new IScroll('#scroll', { probeType: 3 });
new IScrollSticky(scroll, 'h1');

In this example, the scrolling wrapper element has the id scroll and the sticky headers are h1 tags. You can use any CSS3 selector in IScrollSticky constructor as its second argument.

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