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    Emitter interface for gain and loss of Internet connectivity.

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    Current version: 2.0.0

    Lead Maintainer: Halim Qarroum

    📋 Table of contents

    🚀 Install

    npm install is-online-event --save

    🔖 Features

    • Monitors Internet connectivity notifies you of connectivity changes.
    • Monitors for changes on network interfaces to automatically trigger connectivity checks.
    • Uses fibonacci back-off to periodically check for Internet connectivity.
    • Supports Internet connectivity checks using a HTTP(S) proxy.

    🔰 Description

    This library allows developers and system administrators to be alerted upon connectivity changes to the public Internet. This can be useful if your applications is connectivity sensitive and needs to be alerted as soon as possible of a loss/gain of Internet connectivity. To do so, the IsOnlineEmitter class provided by this library implements an EventEmitter interface dedicated to the event delivery.

    This project is based on the is-online library and adds an event interface on top of it in order to asynchronously notify your applications of gain and loss of Internet connectivity.

    Note that it can take up to 10 seconds with the default paraneters to receive a notification about an Internet connectivity change once it has effectively changed

    🛠 Usage

    In order to use this library you need to instantiate it, subscribe to the events you are interested in and start the connectivity montoring.

    import IsOnlineEmitter from 'is-online-emitter';
    // Creating a new instance of the emitter.
    const emitter = new IsOnlineEmitter({});
    // Listening to `connectivity.change` events.
    emitter.on('connectivity.change', console.log);
    // Starting the connectivity monitoring.

    See the examples directory for more information on how to use the library.


    Different configuration variables can be passed to this library when instanciating it in order to customize its behavior. Below is a list of the defined variables associated with their description.

    Variable Type Description
    backOffInitialDelay Number The initial delay, in milliseconds, used by the used back-off strategy to trigger connectivity checks.
    backOffMaxDelay Number The maximum delay, in milliseconds, used by the used back-off strategy to trigger connectivity checks.
    connectionTimeout Number The connection timeout, in milliseconds, used when issuing requests to external services during the connectivity check.


    Different events are emitted by the IsOnlineEmitter class which are described below.

    Event Description
    connectivity.change A change of state in Internet connectivity has been detected. Note that this event will be initially fired when you call the .start() method of the emitter.
    network.interface.change A change of state in the network interfaces of the host has been detected. The payload associated with this event provides details on the state change.
    connectivity.check.scheduled Fired when a connectivity check is being scheduled by the fibonacci back-off mechanism. The delay before the next check will be provided as a payload.

    Proxy Support

    To make it work through proxies, you need to set up global-agent.

    See the using-http-proxies directory for an example on how to use HTTP(S) proxies with the is-online-emitter library.

    👀 See also

    • The is-online library on which this project is based.


    npm i is-online-emitter

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