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iroute(fast and simple nodejs http/https router module) Build Status

if you only want to build a simple http server and don't want to use express,so iroute module could simple and fast to handler the request to action. the module are also be used in flat.js framework.

Installing the module

With npm:

iroute module is supported windows, linux, mac.

Make sure, node-gyp has installed.

 npm install iroute

From source:

 git clone
 cd iroute
 node-gyp rebuild

To include the module in your project:

 var iroute = require('iroute');


to run 1000 handler and match 10000 times,regexp match and iroute result is follow:

  regexp: 1007ms
  cb1 run times :10000
  iroute: 251ms
  cb2 run times :10000

wow!!it's more than 3 times faster than regex match router.


var iroute = require('iroute')


  ["get:/hello/world",function(req,res){res.end('hello world')}],


    res.statusCode = 404;



var http = require('http');

http.createServer(function (req, res) {



then request the you can see 'hello world'


iroute.add(routearray [,not_match_function]);

iroute.route(req,res); if iroute.route match the request,it will return 1,else return 0;


[ [{method}:{url}?{key1}&{key2}, middle_function1, middle_function2, .., handle_function], ... ]



    ["get:/hello/world/?key1&key2", function middle1(req,res,ir_next){
      req.ir_count = 0;
    function middle2(req,res,ir_next){ req.ir_count++; process.nextTick(function(){ ir_next() }) },
    function middle3(req,res,ir_next){ req.ir_count++; setTimeout(function(){ ir_next(); },2000) }, //Asynchronous is ok
    function middle4(req,res,ir_next){ req.ir_count++; ir_next()},
    function handle(req,res){
      res.end( req.ir_count+''); //  req.ir_count will be 4!


ir_next([error]): if you don't call the function ir_next(),then will hang up the request,never responsed the if you want to interrupt the routing, run the res.end() and never call the ir_next() or call the ir_next("some error") handle the request to the not_match_function; ir_next() function has an optional param error,if ir_next("some error");then will break the routing and call the not_match_function .it then setting the req.iroute_error = "some error";

not_match_function: if iroute not match the request,the not_match_function will be called.It has two parameters,req and res.

support: get,post,put,delete,options,head,other (other include copy,trace,lock.. etc)

more example see /example/example.js

expressjs example

  var express = require('express');
  var app = express();
  var iroute = require("iroute");

  var route_array = [
    ["get:/hello/world",function(req,res){res.end('hello world')}],



benchmark to express and express+iroute

  express only(1000 routes)
  ab -c 100 -n 20000
  Requests per second:    1271.83 [#/sec] (mean)

  ab -c 500 -n 20000
  Requests per second:    1237.43 [#/sec] (mean)

  ab -c 800 -n 20000
  Requests per second:    1191.17 [#/sec] (mean)

  express+iroute (1000 routes)
  ab -c 100 -n 20000
  Requests per second:    1886.01 [#/sec] (mean)

  ab -c 500 -n 20000
  Requests per second:    1773.27 [#/sec] (mean)

  ab -c 800 -n 20000
  Requests per second:    1829.89 [#/sec] (mean)