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IRMa - The Information Retreival Middleware (something with a)

Build Status

IRMa starts a small HTTP-server that will do three things:

  • provide a convenient API to clients to search an ElasticSearch Index
  • provide access to static assets
  • proxy HTTP requests to third-party servers with the possibility to inject client code and stylesheets into HTML documents.

This README currently is a total mess, sorry about that. We are still in the process of writing / translating documentation. If you have questions, feel free to open an issue.


Nothing out of the ordinary. You can use npm install -g irma for a global install. This gives you the irma CLI (see below), which is probably good enough to get you started.

I personally prefer to put all my configuration/assets in NPM package of its own and add irma as a devDependency. I can then start it programmatically or continue to use the CLI via script-entries in my package.json.