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Bridges IRC to JSON-RPC over UDP (server component).


Daemon that bridges IRC to JSON-RPC over UDP.

Usefull for tools or daemons that need to interact with IRC but don't want a persistent connection or the overhead of handling IRC stuff themselves.

% npm install ircbridged
% ircbridged 
  --server      IRC server address     [required]
  --port        IRC server port        [default: 6667]
  --nick        IRC nick               [default: "ircbridge"]
  --realname    IRC realname           [default: "IRC Bridge"]
  --ssl         Use SSL                [default: false]
  --listenport  UDP port for JSON-RPC  [default: 41234]

You can talk to the bridge locally using nc. For example:

% nc -u 41234
{"method": "join", "params": ["#channel"]}
{"method": "message", "params": ["#channel", "Hello World!"]}

There's a client library for Node.js in

Join an IRC channel.

Params: channel

{"method": "join", "params": ["#channel"]}
{"method": "join", "params": ["#channel aChannelPassword"]}

Leave an IRC channel.

Params: channel

{"method": "part", "params": ["#channel"]}

Send a privmsg to a channel or individual.

Params: target, message

{"method": "message", "params": ["#channel", "Hello all!"]}
{"method": "message", "params": ["someNick", "Hey there!"]}

Send a notice to a channel.

Params: target, message

{"method": "notice", "params": ["#channel", "This is a channel notice!"]}

Subscribe to messages on a channel. For the duration of the subscription, any messages on the channel will be sent to the subscriber as "message" events.

Params: target

{"method": "subscribe", "params": ["#channel"]}

A subscribed event is returned on successfull subscription. The event contains the channel name and the subscription duration in milliseconds. To continue receiving messages from the channel, the subscription needs to be renewed by sending a new subscribe command before the expiration time.

{"method": "subscribed", "params": ["#channel", 1800000]}

The message events are in the form of message notifications with params being from, to and message.

{"method":"message","params":["someNick","#channel","hi everyone"]}