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IPython Notebook Proxy/Launcher

This is basically a thin wrapper around node http-proxy and repl to be able to launch multiple notebook server on the same port, and accessible at different URLs.

It also allows to host other applications than ipython notebook.

Unlike other proxy the routing scheme can be changed while the proxy is running without deconnecting the current clients, and it works out of the box with websockets.


Soon availlable on npm, I need to learn how to do it.

Righ now, Install node 0.8+ (works with 0.6 with minimal modification), install npm clone git repository, run npm install in root or repo.


$ ./bin/notebook-proxy.js
> start("/ipython/",8888)
go to "localhost:8000/ipython/"
> start("/ipython-more/",7777
go to "localhost:8000/ipython-more/"
> stop_all()
> help()
For more info

It now listen on localhost:8000 (not on but I have no idea why...) and you can now spawn as many notebook server using.

start($url, localport)

The proxy will now redirect any request to localport:8000/$url/ to the server. You can start as many as you want with different url/port.

Stop all servers with stop_all()

also it's a full node repl, so have fun.

PR welcome.