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    IpTerate is a small library that helps you iterate through all available IPs within a specific subnet.


    Usage with a callback

    For instance the following code

    const ipterate = require('ipterate');
    ipterate.range('').iterate(ip => {
        console.log(`IP: ${ip}`);

    prints out

    and this one will traverse all IPs in existence:

    const ipterate = require('ipterate');
    ipterate.range('').iterate(ip => {
        console.log(`IP: ${ip}`);

    If you want to perform an asynchronous action, make sure that your delegate returns a promise and call iterateAsync instead. iterateAsync itself returns a promise and will wait for the resolution of the promise returned by your delegate, before it provides you with another IP.

    const ipterate = require('ipterate');
    const rp = require('request-promise');
    ipterate.range('').iterateAsync(ip => {
        return rp.get(ip);

    Iteration information

    Iterating through large sets of IPs might take a while. For this reason you might want to track the progress of your iteration. In the second parameter the iterate and iterateAsync provide itaration information to your delegate function.

    ipterate.range('').iterate((ip, data) => {
        console.log(`All IPs available in this subnet: ${data.allIps}`);
        console.log(`Current iteration: ${data.iteration}`); //starts from 1
        console.log(`Completion percentage: ${data.completionPercentage}`); // an integer number between 0 and 100
                                                                            // calculated based on allIps and iteration

    Usage in a loop

    Alternatively, instead of using callbacks, you can just iterate the IPs in a loop

    for (let {ip, progress} of ipterate.range('').iterate()) {
      // your stuff

    Starting from a saved point

    If you're iterating through a large number of IPs, you's likely that you will want to save your progress at some point and then continue from where you left off. For this purpose you can use the startWith() method.

    for (let {ip, progress} of ipterate.range('').startWith('').iterate()) {
      // your stuff


    npm install --save ipterate


    npm i ipterate

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