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sudo npm install -g ipso-cli


ipso cli

  • It is currently tailored fairly tightly to my size and shape of process.

However, there are options:

ipso --help

  Usage: ipso [options]
    -h, --help            output usage information
    -V, --version         output the version number
    -w, --no-watch        Dont watch spec and src dirs.
    -n, --no-env          Dont load .env.test
    -m, --mocha           Use mocha.
    -e, --alt-env [name]  Loads
        --spec    [dir]   Specify alternate spec dir.
        --src     [dir]   Specify alternate src dir.
        --lib     [dir]   Specify alternate compile target.


It can quickly start up a node-inspector session on a v8 debugger socket. It may at some point seamlessly attach to the running tests, with Module.does(...) specifying breakpoints. (that would be very! very! nice...)

$ ipso --mocha -e name
ipso: warning: is PRODUCTION
ipso: loaded
ipso: watching directory: ./spec
ipso: watching directory: ./src
> inspect 3001 5860 lib/examples/basic.js
> debugger listening on port 5860    <----------------------------
> Node Inspector v0.5.0
> info: started
> Visit to start debugging.
>       =====================================


It watches for ./src and ./spec changes and runs the changed.

ipso --mocha --src [dir] --spec [dir] --lib [dir]

  • ./src changes will be compiled into ./lib/...
  • the corresponding test will then be run from ./spec/...
  • the followingly illustrated "path echo" is assumed to ALWAYS be the case