Node.js library to identify the location of IP addresses using redis.

ipident - IP identification lookup using redis

This module provides a simple Node.js API interface to identify city information from a given IP Address. The module will setup a redis data store and load the IP lookup data there.

You have to install redis and node.js in order to use this module.

Install with:

$ npm install ipident

Or get it from the source: ipident

The IP lookup data is available at [master_ip_address.csv.gz]. Extract them into node_modules/ipident/data/ directory.

var ipident = require('ipident');
function doLookup() {
    ipident.retrieveCityInfo('', function (data) {
// loads data into redis 

Read the data from csv file and load them to redis data store. This application only use 1 key, ipident:ipaddress. Usually this function isn't used directly, use autoLoad instead.

Check the data in redis and load them if necessary. This function is used in starting up the application to ensure the data is ready.

var ipident = require('ipident');

This is the main function to lookup city information.

Deletes all data from redis

Count all data from redis