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    Standalone IP to ISO2 Country Code

    What Is This?

    Based on db-ip.com freely available database, the aim of this program is to return a 2 chars Country Code given a generic ip.

    The main reason this software exists is to quickly understand if an IP comes from a European country and, as such, is subject to the Cookie's Law absurdity.

    How does it work

    The list of known IPv4 and IPv6 is stored entirely in RAM in order to grant zero dependencies and overall good performance if used as module.

    As module

      ipcc = require('ipcc'),
      ip = ''
    // using an EU ip
    ipcc.resolve(ip);     // "UK"
    ipcc.isEU(ip);        // true
    // using a non-EU ip
    ip = '';
    ipcc.resolve(ip);     // "US"
    ipcc.isEU(ip);        // false

    The API is pretty basic, consisting in resolve(is), isEU(ip), isIPv4(ip), and isIPv6(ip). Please note latter 2 methods are very simple and are not suitable to validate entirely IP v4 or v6 ddresses.

    As standalone

    Used as stand alone, the script will actually use a lot of CPU in order to properly parse static Arrays defined in it.

    However, this is the way you can use it:

    # if the following command fails, try with sudo 
    $ npm install -g ipcc
    # test some IP (v4 or v6) 
    $ ipcc  # UK (EU) 
    $ ipcc # US 

    Please note that only EU countries will contain the (EU) suffix.

    How to build and create an SQLite version

    In case you need this data as SQLite file, you can clone this repository locally and perform following operations:

    $ git clone https://github.com/WebReflection/ipcc.git
    cd ipcc
    $ npm install
    $ node generate.js

    Above procedure should install locally dblite, download the database directly from db-ip.com, and create a file called dbip-country.sqlite.

    It will also generate a fresh new copy of build/ipcc file.

    In order to query the database, you can use src/utils.js file which together with dblite should give you the ability to query as such:

    // copy utils.js functions on top
      dblite = require('dblite'),
      db = dblite('dbip-country.sqlite'),
      // retrieve the IP the way you want
      ip = '',
      table = isIPv4(ip) ? 'ipv4' : 'ipv6',
      norm = isIPv4(ip) ? ip2long(ip) : extendedIPv6(ip)
      'SELECT country_code FROM ' + table +
      ' WHERE ? BETWEEN lower_bound AND upper_bound LIMIT 1',
      function (rows) {
        console.log(rows); // [['UK']]


    All rights reserved to ip-db.com for their data. Mit Style License for the code I've written.


    npm i ipcc

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