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A simple and lightweight NodeJS file server built on StoutJS.

Command Line Interface (CLI)

ipa start

Starts the ipa server.


--config, -c

Specify the configuration file to use. May be formatted as JSON or YAML.

--hostname, -h

Specify the server's hostname.

--address, -a

Address to use (defaults to

--port, -p

Port to use (defaults to 8080).

--public, -P

Specify the public root directory. Defaults to the current directory.


Enable SSL.


Path to SSL certificate file.


Path to SSL key file.

ipa stop

Stops the ipa server.

--force, -f

Force-stop and immediately terminate all connections.

ipa restart

Restarts the ipa server.

--force, -f

Force-stop and immediately terminate all connections.

ipa status

Show the current status of the ipa server.


ipa doesn't require any configuration for basic functionality. For more advanced features, use a configuration file or specify options using the command line.

Config Files

ipa doesn't need any configuration files, but it can use them for more advanced functionality.

Config File Locations

Configuration files can be specified using the command line, or it can discover them automatically. It looks for configuration files in the following locations, in this order:

  1. The current working directory.
  2. The current user's home directory, i.e. ~/
  3. /usr/local/etc/
  4. /usr/etc/
  5. /etc/

Config File Naming

When looking for configuration files, ipa checks for the following file names in the order below:

  1. ipa.json
  2. ipa.yaml
  3. .ipa.json
  4. .ipa.yaml

Configuration files of any name may be specified via the command line.

Example Config Files

The configuration file describes a secure site at which has,, and all redirecting to the secure, non-www version.

  "sites": [
      "hostname": "",
      "port": 443,
      "public": "/var/www/public",
      "ssl": true,
      "cert": "/var/certs/",
      "key": "/var/certs/",
      "redirect": [""]
      "hostname": ["", ""],
      "port": 80,
      "redirect": ""

Config Options

Note: All relative paths are relative to the configuration file's location.


An array of sites (or virtual hosts) which this ipa server hosts. Each site may have the following configuration options.

Site Config Description
hostname The site's hostname.
port The port on-which to serve the site.
public The path to the site's public files.
redirect Generates a 301 redirect to the given address.
ssl true to serve the site using HTTPS.
cert Path to SSL certificate.
key Path to SSL key file.

If ipa is serving only one site, the single-element array can be omitted and these properties may be declared at the config's top-level.

For example, if only one site is to be served, a simple configuration could be:

  "hostname": "",
  "port": 80,
  "public": "/var/www"


npm i ipa

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