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IoTeX Token Metadata

This repo is a collection of the metadata of tokens (XRC20, XRC721, etc...) deployed to IoTeX blockchain. Developers can use this repo to list these tokens in their projects.

Metadata of a token consists of the following JSON object:

  "io1hp6y4eqr90j7tmul4w2wa8pm7wx462hq0mg4tw": {
    "name": "Vitality",
    "description": "Vitality (VITA) is a decentralized token for the IoTeX community.",
    "logo": "io1hp6y4eqr90j7tmul4w2wa8pm7wx462hq0mg4tw.png",
    "type": "xrc20",
    "symbol": "VITA",
    "decimals": 18


Field Required Values default Notes
name string Token Name
description string Token Description
logo file name logo image file name with extension
type xrc20 xrc721 Type of token
symbol string The symbol of the token
decimals integer 18 The number of decimals

IoTeX Explorer ( and ioPay wallets ( will include this metadata in their apps. Any IoTeX ecosystem app can include this package in their code (see the Usage section below).

New token submission process

Please notice that maintaining this list is not our highest priority. We do not guarantee the inclusion of your project metadata on any urgent timeline, because maintaining this list is a demanding and security-delicate task. We may also decide not to include the submission at all, e.g. if there are no proofs for a legit project behind the token, if we suspect the risk of pump&dump activity, airdrop-based phishing, or any cryptocurrency counterfeit scam. Plese see the Guidelines for tokens section below.

You can follow the steps below to submit your token metadata for review:

  1. verify your token smart contract here:
  2. fork this repo
  3. add your token logo to the images/ folder
  4. add your metadata to token-metadata.json
  5. commit to your forked repo
  6. create a PR to this repo with links to token project website
  7. wait for your PR to get reviewed
  8. once approved, you can merge your PR

Guidelines for tokens

We will only take into consideration projects that show clear signs of activity: either traffic on the network, activity on GitHub, or community buzz.

  • The icon should be small, square, but high resolution, ideally a vector/svg. For png/jpg, 64x64 is recommended.
  • Do not add your entry to the end of the JSON map, messing with the trailing comma.
  • Your pull request should only be an addition of lines: data removals should be made as a deliberate deprecation of the affected logo.
  • Make sure your PR includes a link to official project website referencing the token contract address you are submitting. Also, the website should include a detailed explanation of project.
  • No Profanity in token name, description, etc.


Install this package from npm with npm install iotex-token-metadata -s and use it in your code like in the example below:

metadatasMap = require("iotex-token-metadata");

let address = "io1hp6y4eqr90j7tmul4w2wa8pm7wx462hq0mg4tw";
console.log("Metadata for token address: ", address);

let metadata = getXrc20TokenMetadata(address);

console.log("Token Name:",;
console.log("Token Description:", metadata.description);
console.log("Token logo:", metadata.logo);
console.log("Token type:", metadata.type);
console.log("Token symbol:", metadata.symbol)
if (metadata.type=="xrc20") {
  console.log("Token Decimals:", metadata.decimals);

function getXrc20TokenMetadata(address) {
  const metadata = metadatasMap[address];
  return metadata;

Publish lib

Intended for the repository maintainer only (not required for token submission):

$ npm login
// update package.json version
$ npm publish .

How to unit test

npm ci
npm test

Please make sure the unit test is passed before submitting a PR.



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