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This module extends the Azure IoT Gateway by receiving gateway messages and publishing to a websocket via


To download this module, first install NodeJS LTS and from the command line run:

npm install iot-gateway-socketio --save


Add the following module to the modules section of your gateway JSON configuration file:

    "modules": [
            "name": "node_socketio",
            "loader": {
                "name": "node",
                "entrypoint": {
                    "main.path": "./node_modules/iot-gateway-socketio/socketio.js"
            "args": null

And in the links section, add the name value from earlier, node_socketio, as a sink:

            "source": "node_sensor",
            "sink": "node_socketio"


A sample is provided in the /sample directory, complete with a web based user interface showcasing live sample data.

To Do

  • Add ability to receive messages from a client over a websocket and publish to a gateway pipeline.