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Ionic Swipe All

Ionic Swipe All allow Ionic (≥ v2) to recognize both horizontal and vertical swipe gesture.


npm install --save ionic-swipe-all

For Ionic 2 RC.0 and later:

import { IonicSwipeAllModule } from 'ionic-swipe-all';
  imports: [
export class AppModule {


With this module you can use (swipeup) and (swipedown) events. In the (swipe) event vertical gestures are detected. Just add the swipeAll property to the element you want to swipe and use the events as needed. The (swipeleft) and (swiperight) events are available too.

    template: `
      <div swipeAll
export class AppComponent {
    swipeAll(event: any): any {
        console.log('Swipe All', event);
    swipeLeft(event: any): any {
        console.log('Swipe Left', event);
    swipeRight(event: any): any {
        console.log('Swipe Right', event);
    swipeUp(event: any): any {
        console.log('Swipe Up', event);
    swipeDown(event: any): any {
        console.log('Swipe Down', event);