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Date and/or time picker for awesome Ionic framework v1


I made this component because of poor implementation of native datetime picker in Android webview. How funny it was when I discovered that I can only pick a time between 0:00 and 11:59 on my 24-hour clock phone :)

Looking for a picker that works with Ionic framework v2?


The ion-datetime-picker component has these features:

  • Make Date picker, Time picker, Datetime picker
  • Choose Sunday or Monday as the first day of the week
  • Use 12-hour or 24-hour clock
  • Pick time with or without seconds
  • Configure popup title and button labels and classes
  • Configure i18n to get weekdays and months in your language
  • Configure size of a step


Demo app is available - enter code 8d75a0ec into Ionic View. Live demo is available on Codepen.


Date picker Time picker Datetime picker


  1. Use bower or npm to install the new module:

    bower install ion-datetime-picker --save
    npm install ion-datetime-picker --save
  2. Import the ion-datetime-picker javascript and css file into your HTML file (or use wiredep):

    <script src="lib/ion-datetime-picker/release/ion-datetime-picker.min.js"></script>
    <link href="lib/ion-datetime-picker/release/ion-datetime-picker.min.css" rel="stylesheet">
  3. Add ion-datetime-picker as a dependency on your Ionic app:

    angular.module("myApp", ["ionic", "ion-datetime-picker"]);


Put the ion-datetime-picker directive alongside the ng-model wherever you want to tap to show the picker:

  <div class="item" ion-datetime-picker ng-model="datetimeValue">
    {{datetimeValue| date: "yyyy-MM-dd H:mm:ss"}}

It is not possible to use <ion-item> until #18 is fixed.

Configuration attributes

date and time attributes

Choose which picker type is used. When neither is set, I assume both and use the datetime picker.

monday-first attribute

Set this if you want to have Monday as the first day of a week.

seconds attribute

By default, in the time picker, I allow to change only hours and minutes. Set this attribute to use also seconds.

am-pm attribute

By default, in the time picker, I use 24-hour clock. Set this attribute to change it to 12-hour clock.

month-step, hour-step, minute-step and second-step attributes

By default, when any caret button is tapped, I add or subtract 1 particular unit. Set these attributes to change it to anything you want.

title and sub-title attributes

Configure the title and sub title of the popup with the picker.

HINT: Use data-title instead of title if you are going to use the app in the desktop browser to prevent leaking of the text into a mouseover tooltip.

button-ok and button-cancel attributes

Configure the text of buttons at the bottom of the picker.

only-valid attribute

Disable/Enable calendar days according to type and date range specified.

only-valid="{'after': '2016-04-09'}"
only-valid="{'after': 'today', 'inclusive': true}"
only-valid="{'outside': {'initial': '2016-04-09', 'final': '2016-06-15'}, 'inclusive': true}"

Types supported: 'after', 'before', 'between' and 'outside'. If you want to include the day specified, set 'inclusive' property to true.

To combine rules, just pass an array and it should do the trick. Rules are complementary (treated with AND, not OR), it means that a date will be available only if it matches all the constraints you pass.

only-valid="[{'after': '2017-01-12'}, {'outside': {'initial': '2017-01-19', 'final': '2017-01-29'}}, {'outside': {'initial': '2017-02-19', 'final': '2017-02-29'}}]"

Internationalization & customization factory

Simple internationalization & customization options. Inject the $ionicPickerI18n factory into your code and set the localized strings and button classes.

weekdays key

Array of weekdays abbreviations. 0 is Sunday. If moment is installed, I try to get localized data from it, otherwise English ones are used as default.

months key

Array of months names. 0 is January. If moment is installed, I try to get localized data from it, otherwise English ones are used as default.

ok and cancel keys

Default, global labels of the buttons at the bottom of the picker.

okClass, cancelClass and arrowButtonClass keys

Custom space-delimited classes applied to the buttons at the bottom of the picker.

  .run(function($ionicPickerI18n) {
    $ionicPickerI18n.weekdays = ["Нд", "Lu", "Út", "Mi", "To", "", ""];
    $ionicPickerI18n.months = ["Janvier", "Febrero", "März", "四月", "Maio", "Kesäkuu", "Červenec", "अगस्त", "Вересень", "Październik", "Νοέμβριος", "డిసెంబర్"];
    $ionicPickerI18n.ok = "オーケー";
    $ionicPickerI18n.cancel = "Cancelar";
    $ionicPickerI18n.okClass = "button-positive";
    $ionicPickerI18n.cancelClass = "button-stable";
    $ionicPickerI18n.arrowButtonClass = "button-positive";

Daylight saving time

The datetime picker is using Date object with your browser's timezone, including any DST. When you change the date, hour, minute, or second, which sets the time to an invalid value because of moving from 2:00 to 3:00 at the beginning of DST, the time is automatically adjusted to a valid value. On the other hand, when the DST ends, I do NOT take the inserted hour into consideration, but this may be fixed in the future.




npm i ion-datetime-picker

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