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A simple service IoC service locator for javascript


A simple IoC service locator for javascript

ioc.register(name, callback)

Register an item with the ioc - the item can be any type, callback or otherwise

ioc.replace(name, callback, singleton)

Replaces an item in the registry with the second argument. Pass true as the third argument to register as a singleton

ioc.registerOrReplace(name, callback, singleton)

Registers an item if it doesn't exist yet, replaces it otherwise


Returns a boolean, whether the name has been registered on the container


Removes the item from the registry by name

ioc.singleton(name, callback)

Registers a callback as a singleton. No-op if the second argument isn't a function

ioc.resolve(name, args, context)

Resolves the item associated with "name", with an optional array passed in as arguments, and optional "context" used when invoking a callback.

ioc.ctor(name, args)*

Calls the function associated with "name" as constructor, with any arguments following name passed to the constructor.

var ioc = require('ioc');
ioc.register('pageView', function (opts) {
  return (new (Backbone.View.extend({
    initialize: function (){
    render: function () {
      this.$el.html('Hello World');
var pageView = ioc.resolve('pageView', [{model:model}]);
var pageView2 = ioc.resolve('pageView', [{model:model2}]);