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3.3.8 • Public • Published


ioBroker Philips Hue Bridge Adapter


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English 🇬🇧

This adapter connects your Philips Hue Bridges with ioBroker to control Philips Hue LED bulbs, Friends of Hue LED lamps, stripes, plugs like from Osram, and other SmartLink capable devices (like LivingWhites and some LivingColors).


Once you have installed this adapter within ioBroker, create an adapter instance accordingly. Next, you need to connect your Hue bridge with ioBroker within the adapter settings:

  1. If you are using another bridge than v2, configure port to 80 (non-https), else 443 (https) should be the way to go.
  2. Click on "Find Bridge" button to get the IP address of your bridge. This will search for all bridges in your environment. Then select the bridge to which you want to connect. The field "Bridge Address" will be populated with the IP address of your chosen Hue bridge.
  3. Next, click on "Create User" button in the settings and then walk to your Hue bridge device, so your hardware, to push its round button. You'll gonna have 30 seconds to proceed. Once you pushed the button, the field "Bridge User" should be populated with a generated string.
  4. Modify any other options in the adapter settings and then select "save and close".
  5. Finally, you should be all set: The adapter will generate all objects to control your Hue devices accordingly.

Please note: Adapter settings button "Find Bridge" will be inactive if field "Bridge Address" is populated, and button "Create User" will be inactive if field "Bridge User" is populated.


Name Description
Bridge address IP address of your Hue bridge, you can try to detect it by pressing Find Bridge button.
Port Port of your Hue bridge, normally 443 (SSL) and 80 (non-SSL).
SSL If checked, connecton is secured via SSL, port will automatically change to 443 (it is strongly recommended to use SSL).
User Username of your bridge user. You can create it, by pressing Create User button and following the screen instructions.
Ignore scenes If checked, scenes will not be shown/controlled by the adapter.
Ignore groups If checked, groups will not be shown/controlled by the adapter.
"Legacy" structure To support backwards compatibility, it is possible to hold an old object structure in ioBroker. This old structure is hue.<instance_number>.<brdige_name_channel>.<light_or_group_channel>.<state>. The new structure removes <brdige_name_channel> and thus makes it necessary to adapt old scripts, etc. If an existing old strcuture is detected by the adapter, the structure will be used without checking the checkbox. However, if migration from old to new structure is desired, delete the whole hue.<instance_number> namespace once.
Native turn off/on behaviour If checked, the adapter will turn on/off lights in the same fashion as the native Hue app does. Otherwise, lamps will be set to a level of 100 % when switched on. Additionally when a group is already turned on, setting the brightness level will affect only the already turned on lamps and will not turn the lamps on, which are currently turned off.
Sync software sensors Also sync software sensors. These are virtual sensors, e.g. created by Hue Labs scenes. By controlling the status datapoint of such a sensor you can start/stop scenes which follow this logic. In most cases 0 turns scene off and 1 turns it on.
Polling If checked, the adapter will poll state changes, otherwise it can only be used to control lamps, not to show their status.
Polling interval Defines how often the states will be polled, and thus updated in ioBroker. Low polling intervals can cause performance issues in some settings. Hence, the minimum allowed polling interval is 2 seconds. If polling interval is set to less than 2 seconds it will be set to 2 seconds during runtime.

Additional information

With version 3.3.0 the group states anyOn and allOn became controllable, note that they will just act like the on state, when controlled. In some cases, it may be desirable to have a controllable anyOn state in your visualization.

Deutsch 🇩🇪

Bindet Philips Hue / LivingColors / LivingWhites Lampen ein. In den Adapter-Settings muss die IP der Hue Bridge sowie ein Username konfiguriert werden. Um einen User zu aktivieren einmal auf create user drücken und dann innerhalb von 30 Sekunden den Button an der Hue bridge drücken. Dann wird automatisch der User übergeben.


3.3.8 (2020-10-11)

  • (foxriver76) marked read-only states accordingly

3.3.7 (2020-10-04)

  • (Apollon77) do not catch undhandeledRejections anymore, because controller can handle and report now
  • (foxriver76) dependencies updated
  • (foxriver76) temperature is now correctly read-only
  • (foxriver76) fix duplicate filtering on browse

3.3.5 (2020-06-03)

  • (foxriver76) fixed issue on frontend validation of polling intervals starting with 1

3.3.4 (2020-06-02)

  • (foxriver76) implemented fix for problems with switches and handling id conflicts

3.3.3 (2020-05-31)

  • (foxriver76) we now handle potential id conflicts, when adding devices from different type with same name over time

3.3.2 (2020-05-15)

  • (foxriver76) internal optimizations - polling after change timeout removed, was 150 ms now instant

3.3.0 (2020-05-14)

  • (foxriver76) introduce allOn state for groups
  • (foxriver76) anyOn and allOn are now controllable and act like the on state
  • (foxriver76) when native turn on/off behaviour is used, the brightness change of partially turned on groups will not turn the whole group on, like the hue app does instead it will only change the brightness of the currently turned on lamps

3.2.9 (2020-05-12)

  • (foxriver76) fixed issues on user creation
  • (foxriver76) minor frontend (admin config) optimizations

3.2.8 (2020-04-26)

  • (foxriver76) replace dots in light/group/sensor/.. names by underscores
  • (foxriver76) fix potential state update delay after state change on lights/groups containing blanks

3.2.4 (2020-04-08)

  • (xXBJXx) changed role of battery to value.battery and made unit %

3.2.3 (2020-02-20)

  • (Apollon77) minor fix regarding handleParam called with non-existing id

3.2.2 (2020-02-12)

  • (foxriver76) fix potential issues when error type is not HueError

3.2.1 (2020-01-26)

  • (foxriver76) if lights/groups/sensors are deleted during runtime, restart of adapter is no longer necessary
  • (foxriver76) if controller supports recursive deletion, device will be deleted automatically

3.1.1 (2020-01-15)

  • (foxriver76) added additional frontend validation of polling interval
  • (foxriver76) if errors are hue errors, log message instead of Error

3.1.0 (2020-01-12)

  • (foxriver76) added new indicators for entertainment groups (class and activeStream)
  • (foxriver76) added possibility to enable/disable streaming of entertainment group

3.0.3 (2020-01-11)

  • (foxriver76) fixed turning on/off switchs like Osram Plug

3.0.1 (2020-01-10)

  • (foxriver76) removed queue, because handled by dependency now
  • (foxriver76) improved error handling
  • Nodejs >= 10 required

2.5.0 (2019-12-23)

  • (foxriver76) implemented a mechanic to prevent regular polling of recently changed state
  • (foxriver76) this prevents fluctuating of buttons on low polling intervals + possible strange triggers in scripts

2.4.7 (2019-12-14)

  • (foxriver76) do not set default values on every adapter start
  • (foxriver76) this is now done only on object creation

2.4.6 (2019-12-06)

  • (foxriver76) log unhandeld promise rejections
  • (foxriver76) fix potential issue for negative temperature values

2.4.4 (2019-11-27)

  • (foxriver76) only stringify huge jsons if necessary
  • (foxriver76) prevent possible double polling at adapter start
  • (foxriver76) use timeouts instead of interval
  • (foxriver76) improved performance

2.4.3 (2019-11-19)

  • (foxriver76) increased version of node-hue-api to fix authentication for old bridge

2.4.2 (2019-11-16)

  • (foxriver76) we now use nupnp + upnp to discover bridges (previously only upnp)

2.4.1 (2019-11-13)

  • (foxriver76) added possibility to control zones and entertainment areas
  • (foxriver76) log queue retires on debug instead warn
  • (foxriver76) BETA: added possibility to control software sensors (Note: this may be handled in a more suitable fashion soon)

2.3.1 (2019-11-02)

  • (foxriver76) fixed controlling on state of sensors

2.2.3 (2019-10-21)

  • (foxriver76) migrate everything to Hue v3
  • (foxriver76) add possibility to turn on/off sensor
  • (foxriver76) add anyOn state for all group
  • (foxriver76) different kinds of fixes for v3 (Osram Plugs, SSL connection, etc)

2.1.0 (2019-10-15)

  • (foxriver76) usage and adaptions for node-hue-api v3
  • (foxriver76) ability to turn lights on with last settings
  • (foxriver76) polling interval minimum is now 2 sec

2.0.1 (2019-10-04)

  • (foxriver76) fixed bug, that prevented some sensor states getting updated during runtime

2.0.0 (2019-09-23)

ATTENTION: Remove all objects once, ids have changed

  • (foxriver76) internal optimizations
  • (foxriver76) usage of iobroker testing
  • (foxriver76) add possibility to sync scenes
  • (foxriver76) restart adapter when room is deleted in app
  • (foxriver76) fix .hue value, user had to set 0-360° but adapter set 0-65535
  • (foxriver76) fix .color.temperature
  • (foxriver76) remove unnecessary bridge channel, adapter namespace is the bridge
  • (foxriver76) add "update available" indicator for light bulbs
  • (foxriver76) we now poll the root endpoint instead of (|lights| + |groups| + |sensors|) endpoints every pollingInterval seconds
  • (foxriver76) min poll interval now 3 seconds instead of 5 seconds
  • (foxriver76) add new indicator state 'anyOn'

1.2.4 (2019.09.18)

  • (Apollon77) Make compatible with js-controller 2.0

1.2.3 (2019.03.11//2019.07.07)

  • (jens-maus) Refactored command queue handling to use 'bottleneck' package so that command execution are processed with minimum delay.

1.1.2 (2019.01.25)

  • (BasGo) Added compact mode

1.1.1 (2018.08.17)

  • (bluefox) Ignoring of groups was implemented

1.1.0 (2018.08.17)

  • (bluefox) The command queue was optimized

1.0.1 (2018.08.14)

  • (bluefox) Roles were adjusted
  • (bluefox) temperature changed from 153-cold, 500-warm to 2200-warm, 6500-cold
  • (bluefox) hue changed from 0-65535 to 0-360°

1.0.0 (2018.04.12)

  • (arteck) Enable/Disable OSRAM check from HUE Bridge
  • (arteck) polling ZLLSwitch and ZGPSwitch
  • (bluefox) admin3
  • (bluefox) do not send commands ofter than 10 in 10 seconds

0.6.9 (2017.05.18)

  • (bluefox) Enable adapter by default

0.6.8 (2017.04.22)

  • (bluefox) Poll groups

0.6.7 (2017.04.21)

  • (bluefox) Fix error with turn on the lamp on start
  • (bluefox) configurable port

0.6.6 (2017.04.20)

  • (bluefox) Use new version of npm library

0.6.0 (2016.11.30)

  • (pmant) support new lamps
  • (pmant) add light name to log

0.5.9 (2016.10.11)

  • (pmant) fix error with null values

0.5.8 (2016.06.05)

  • (bluefox) fix typo

0.5.7 (2016.06.05)

  • (soef) write back known states for group/room
  • (soef) Integer conversion for bri_inc command


  • (Pmant) (experimental) support for power switches


  • (Pmant) fix error with xy state
  • (Pmant) support level in command state


  • (Pman) Lightset 0 fixed
  • (Pman) support for diffent gamuts
  • (Pman) support Rooms (new HUE App)


  • (soef) Default Lightset 0 added


  • (Pman) fix jscs warnings
  • (Pman) improve RGB conversion
  • (Pman) add update rgb color


  • (Pman) fix find bridge popup


  • (Pman) update to node-hue-api 1.2.x
  • (Pman) add level state (bri percentage)


  • (bluefox) fix config edit


  • (Pmant) fix adapter crash


  • (Pmant) add find bridge (experimental)
  • (Pmant) add create user (experimental)
  • (Pmant) fix enable polling


  • (Pmant) calculate and write back inc values


  • (Pmant) add command state


  • (Pmant) add groups as channels (write only)
  • (Pmant) fix prevent duplicate channel names


  • (Pmant) fix another bug with spaces
  • (Pmant) fix hue/sat bug
  • (Pmant) fix effect bug
  • (Pmant) fix xy colormode


  • (Pmant) fix rgb states only for color lights
  • (Pmant) change set known state changes immediately
  • (Pmant) change on/off sets brightness to 254/0
  • (Pmant) change changing any color (hs,ct,xy) while light is off sets brightness to max
  • (Pmant) fix set brightness to zero if light is off
  • (Pmant) change set bri to zero if lamp is not reachable
  • (Pmant) fix bridges and lamps with spaces in name


  • (Pmant) add rgb states (write only)
  • (Pmant) fix parent/children warnings
  • (Pmant) add switch light off if brightness is zero


  • (bluefox) fix some null objects


  • (hobbyquaker) config UI
  • (hobbyquaker) added children


  • (hobbyquaker) fixes


  • (hobbyquaker) fixed min/max attributes
  • (hobbyquaker) added common.oper.read/write attributes


  • (hobbyquaker) first release


  • Automatic bridge discovery
  • Automatic user setup via bridge link button


Apache 2.0

Copyright (c) 2017-2020 Bluefox dogafox@gmail.com Copyright (c) 2014-2016 hobbyquaker


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