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    ioBroker Adapter to find Apple devices


    The adapter tries to read its own location from the adapter ioBroker.javascript. If it is not available, the location of the external IP will be determined. Otherwise 0.0+0.0 will be taken. The location is used zu calculate the distance to the device.

    Two-step verification (2FA Authentisierung)

    If you are using the "new" Two-Step verification/athentication follow this steps:

    • Step 1: Connect the adapter with your username and password.
    • Step 2: Confirm your registration on one of your devices
    • Step 3: Change the password in the adapter by simply adding the 6-digit code

      Thanks to Thorsten Voß for this tip.


    • refresh:
      root: refresh all devices. under a device: force the device to relocate and refresh
    • alert:
      Play a sound on the device.
      The text of the alert state will be shown on the device.
      Parmeter: [Text]
      Text is optional. If given it will be displayed on the device
    • lost:
      Switch the device to Lost Mode.
      Parameter: usertext[;phone number to call[;passcode]]
      If the passcode parameter is given, the passcode of the device will be set, if it not was already set.
      Note: After unlocking the device it can be used as usual. If no passcode was specified and the device did not have a passcode, a swipe is enough to use it.
      Tip: Can also be used to prevent children from playing with the unit
    • lostMode:
      boolean. If in lost mode, this can be set to false to stop the lost mode.
    • location:
      Address of the device position
    • map-url:
      Google mapps url with the position of the device
    • positionType:
    • Self-explanatory:
      batteryLevel, longitude, latitide, time, timeState


    Execute the following command in the iobroker root directory (e.g. in /opt/iobroker)

    npm install iobroker.find-my-iphone 


    npm i iobroker.find-my-iphone

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