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User interface for configuration and administration of ioBroker.

This adapter uses Sentry libraries to automatically report exceptions and code errors to the developers. For more details and for information how to disable the error reporting see Sentry-Plugin Documentation! Sentry reporting is used starting with js-controller 3.0.

JSON config schema

The JSON config schema description can be found at JSON config schema.

Using common.localLink

  • %ip% - ioBroker ip address (address of the admin)
  • %secure% or %protocol% - read from the value and use http or https
  • %web_protocol% - looking for the first instance of web (e.g., web.0) and get from system.adapter.web.0
  • %instance% - instance of the adapter
  • %someField% - get someField from native of this adapter instance
  • %web.0_bind% - get native.bind from system.adapter.web.0
  • %native_someField% - get someField from native of this adapter instance

Scheduled restart

Some adapters are not stable or connection disappears after one or two days. To fix this, there is a scheduled restart setting. To activate scheduled restart, just define CRON condition when to restart adapter.

It is suggested to restart in the night, when no one use the adapter, e.g. 0 3 * * * - at 3:00 every day.

Let's Encrypt Certificates

To manage and update, let's encrypt certificates you need to use iobroker.acme adapter.

You will have so-called "collections" of certificates. Each collection has its own domains. You can select in configuration of admin adapter if and which collection to use.

Simple instance's settings page

The user has the possibility to limit the access to the instance configuration dialog. For that, the option "Allow access only to specific instances" must be activated. It could be found on the "Access to the instances" tab. Additionally, the allowed instances should be selected in the appeared configuration table.

If this option is disabled, the simple configuration page could be accessed under http://IP:8081/configs.html

Reverse proxy

Please be sure that you forward not only the http/https requests, but the web-socket traffic too. It is essential for communication.

From version 6.1.0 you have the possibility to tune intro page for usage with reverse proxy.


Your ioBroker.admin runs on port 8081 behind reverse proxy with domain under path /ioBrokerAdmin/. And you set up e.g., nginx to forward the requests to the http://local-iobroker.IP:8081.

The same is with your web instance: => http://local-iobroker.IP:8082. And with rest-api instance: => http://local-iobroker.IP:8093.

You can add the following lines into Reverse Proxy tab to let Intro tab run behind reverse proxy properly:

Global path Instance Instance path behind proxy
/ioBrokerAdmin/ web.0 /ioBrokerWeb/
rest-api.0 /ioBrokerAPI/
admin.0 /ioBrokerAdmin/
eventlist.0 /ioBrokerWeb/eventlist/

So all links of instances that use web server, like eventlist, vis, material and so on will use path

OAuth2.0 Authentication flow

There is a possibility to use OAuth2.0 authentication for other services. Admin has an endpoint oauth2_callbacks.

The calls like http(s)://ip:port/oauth2_callbacks/adapterName.X/?state=ABC&code=123&param=true&param2 will be processed and the special message oauth2Callback will be sent to adapterName.X instance with query parameters {"state": "ABC", "code": 123, "param": true, "param2": true}.

As mandatory response the admin expects the object like: {"result": "Show this text to user by success", "error": "ERROR: Result will be ignored"}. The result or error will be shown to the user. Please send already translated messages.

Used icons

This project uses icons from Flaticon.

ioBroker GmbH has a valid license for all used icons. The icons may not be reused in other projects without the proper flaticon license or flaticon subscription.


7.0.19 (2024-07-22)

  • (bluefox) Corrected installation of adapter with the license unequal to MIT

7.0.18 (2024-07-22)

  • (bluefox) Corrected export from JSON table
  • (foxriver76) added qrCode component to JSON config
  • (bluefox) Corrected adding of adapters with licenses (other than MIT)
  • (bluefox) Improved license dialog

7.0.17 (2024-07-15)

  • (bluefox) Corrected the CRON description
  • (bluefox) Corrected the Device Manager Component

7.0.16 (2024-07-15)

  • (bluefox) Allowed playing mp3 and video files in the file browser

7.0.13 (2024-07-12)

  • (bluefox) Do not send sendto requests if control is hidden
  • (bluefox) Read recommended versions from iobroker/iobroker


The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2014-2024 bluefox


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