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    Inverted: Javascript IOC Container

    See for complete end user documentation.


    Runs in the browser and Node.js

    Download source

    Minified (~9.4kb/~3.2kb gzipped)



    npm install inverted

    In the browser, Inverted depends on a module loader being present. Out of the box it will work with RequireJS or Curl. Inverted uses a module loader to load modules and should be loaded with an AMD module loader itself. For example:

    <script src="require.js"></script>
      baseUrl: "/src",
      paths: {
          inverted : "/lib/inverted-min"
    require(["inverted", "app-config"], function(inverted, appConfig) {
      var appContext = inverted.create(appConfig);
      appContext.getProto(["protoId"], function(obj){

    Issues and discussion

    Please use the Github issue tracker for this project to raise bugs, feature requests or just ask a question.

    Project organization


    Core source code is here, split into two sub directories:

    • package Files added to the core source code to create a working build
    • inverted The main Inverted JS modules, AppContext and ProtoFactory and various support modules


    Final builds are placed here


    Inverted's unit tests written in QUnit (with support from Q2Junit) are here


    Additional libraries in Javascript and Java for build and testing

    How to build

    Inverted is built using Apache Ant. The build performs the following steps:

    1. Lints the source code using JSHint.
    2. Runs the unit tests in Phantom JS
    3. Concatenates the source files to create an unminified build
    4. Compresses the unminified build using Google Closure compiler

    To perform a build first install Apache Ant on your path and, in the project root directory, run:


    or to run a build that includes a version number in the build's source

    ant -Dversion=[version]

    NB. To run on a system other than Windows you will currently need to update the ant test runner config to point to a platform specific version of Phantom JS


    The master branch should be considered as a snapshot of the latest code.

    Official releases can be found as tags.



    • BREAKING CHANGE AppContext#getProto interface has changed. More than one proto id must be now specified as an array of strings in the first argument. A single proto id may remain as a string
    • Added support for mixin dependecies (issue #6)
    • Added support for interfaces (issue #3)
    • AppContext#getProto now returns a promise with success and failure callbacks (issue #4)
    • Improved error handling
    • App config now has the option to inject the app context into a proto (#2)
    • Now supports circular dependencies




    npm i inverted

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